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Originally Posted by dirge View Post
Works like a charm, thanks dude!
No problem man. I have another tip that has been helping my group get closer and closer to level 50.
This solution is for boosting in a group of 4. The problem is that not alot of people play this and getting a lobby locked down can be difficult. What you need to to is get four players and get someone to lock a lobby down. Usually someone with a weaker internet connection can do this easily. Once it is locked down you will have no randoms at all unless someone leaves. Pick the game mode data miner. The rounds last ten minutes. Each player does nothing but kill the other players during his turn. . The smaller maps are the best (REFINERY). Each player can easily get from 20k to 28k in one round. The players getting killed can pick up the dropped data for xp also. The player that is doing the killing needs to not pick any up at all. When the data gets to about 89 to 95 percent full either sucicide or have another player kill you. If it is your turn doing the kills, you should only have to suicide or get killed once. Need to pay attention for the timer because it will end the match at 100%. This is also a good method for getting some of the other cheevos knocked out two. Counter sniping. Have the players getting killed spawn as snipers and be looking tru the scope when killed.Also make sure the players getting killed are jumping while getting killed. The player killing will get an extra 100xp for each kill for the wings clipped bonus. This method is confirmed with RobbiWanKenobi and APmcfc88. With the lack of players this is a perfect solution to get the max xp in a round. You could even switch it up let each player get 5 miutes of kills. Our group did the full 10 minutes.
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