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Originally Posted by Jet1337 View Post
When Doom 4 comes out, I'm sure as hell not getting it for the next xbox. To play a game of that caliber in graphics on the xbox would be a disgrace.

Console gamers who think they know what good graphics are clearly don't and never will.
Then what are you doing in a X360 game thread? Also, not everyone is a graphics whore. I personally do not care about the graphics. It's all about the gameplay, baby.

Originally Posted by Judivarious View Post
The Lost Mission was the biggest fucking joke I've ever seen....

My first playthrough on Normal was the most boring thing ever...

But then I jumped on Nightmare, and despite a couple stressful parts, the dumbest part is how easy the last boss is. Like seriously, all that stress, and this bullshit, just to get to the end which is the easiest P.O.S. ever....same goes for Doom 3 with the Cyberdemon. In the original dooms he was a tough cookie, but in this game he dies in like 4 hits.
4 hits from the Soul Cube. But yes, the Cyberdemon is incredibly easy. Just strafe to the side, kill demons with the Rocket Launcher (Imps and Maggots... pft, should have been Arch-Viles and Hell Knights if you ask me). Even the Vagary boss after Alpha Labs was harder.

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