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Originally Posted by HMeyrick View Post
Came home today to find my brother playing ACII on my xbox with 150G's already unlocked.

I now have no choice but to try and get as many achievements as possible, seeing as how I can't remove it from my games list.

Before this I had no inclination to play this at all.

If anyone else knows where I'm coming from, is this game easy to get in to? or at least easy to play through for the sake of gamerscore?

inb4 sad to only play games for gamerscore.
I understand where you're coming from - my cousin did the same thing with Arkham Asylum for me. Everybody keeps telling me it's an awesome game, but I'm just not into the whole comic book superhero thing.

That being said, I really enjoyed AC, and I think this is the best one in the series. It can be a little repetitive at times, but it's a fun 1000Gs
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