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Originally Posted by Jet1337 View Post
Well you see, I don't have my gaming pc yet, which I will be getting next year. And if you don't care about graphics, then why don't you go back to the N64. I heard they have good games and they aren't bugged and don't require 50 patches like most releases do these days.

Thanks for the insight Reverend Knowitall, but have you ever played Quake 4 on the 360? Do you realize how shitty that game runs on this system?

Graphics and the ability for a system to run a game go hand in hand. Graphics don't make or break a game, but it does immerse you deeper into it, making it a better experience.

So I look down on you for wanting better graphics? No, I look down on you because you're content with accepting years-old technology. You're a casual gamer and I despise casual gamers because they are ruining gaming in general. Look at every CoD that comes out every year for example.

Actually yes, I have played Quake 4 on the Xbox, I own it and I enjoyed it despite the horrible framerate in it, but that's a bad example to use if I'm honest since well, it was a launch title, since ID as well as any other company launching a title on day 1 underestimated what the console is capable of. I'm pretty sure if they remade that game from scratch, it would not only look better, but run and play better.

But you say your getting your Gaming PC next year and with your 60,000G, you think I'm a casual gamer? don't make me laugh xD I'm half way in the 70,000G area what does that say about you?

Also nothing wrong with accepting the technology, I've grown up with consoles and regardless, I could go back to any console willy nilly for the games that were made for them. Example being, yeah you could probably play Sonic 2 on the XBLA, but your missing out if your not playing the megadrive original. But my consoles are there in case I get bored or in case I want to play something that might not be ported to modern consoles yet.

And lets get one last thing clear...I hate COD, I hate any run of the mill military shooter, I hate the garbage of today. Not including Remakes/remasters, the last shooter I probably bought was Bulletstorm or Duke Nukem Forever.
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