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Anyone unlock Warchief yet? *Unlock all soldiers in multiplayer*

I'm looking into a possible glitch with the achievement for those who played both Battlefield 3 and Warfighter on 360 using the same Battlelog account.

I've come across people who never got the achievement and are close to rank 80 and some who have gotten it but did so at the correct rank of 72. The only difference between them is the glitched players have Battlefield 3 on the same Battlelog account as Warfighter.

There was a promo where Battlefield 3 players got the Swedish Spec Op soldier unlocked for free in Warfighter. That is the same soldier that is glitched and not unlocked in Battlelog for the players close to rank 80 without the achievement.

Promo link:

If you have the Warchief achievement can you post you Battlelog profile here. Thx.
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