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That what happens when you fire the Original Creator ,the legendary Tomunobu Itagaki....

Team Ninja made a good job with Dead or Alive 5 ,because they listened to the fans this time.

With NG3 they didn`t listened to the fans, look at this:

Team Ninja you made a mistake with not listening to the Ninja Gaiden Fans...but you even dissapoint us more with making Razors Edge only for Nintendo...thats so fucking stupid.

You could have made a Sigma Edition of this game for all 3 consoles.

The reason why they probably didnt`t release it on Xbox360 and PS3 is, because most of the people are dissappointed and maybe they didn`t sell so much copies as they expected...

Nintendo Players don`t know about Ninja Gaiden 3 so they couldn`t be dissappointed ( i mean they couldn`t play it before) , maybe thats why they released it for Nintendo.

They were probably like: " Ok we dissappointed XBox360 and PS3 players but we can suprise Nintendo players with this awesome game (Razors Edge), they would buy it because we learned from our mistakes and made a better version of this game"

I don`t know man...i just know that i am pretty pissed off that XBox360 and PS3 Players don`t get anything but the beta Version of this game.
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