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All participants now have the said achievements, do not message me regarding them please.
  • 100% Retail: Assassin's Creed|Assassin's Creed II|Banjo Kazooie: N n B| BioShock|Borderlands|Bully Scholarship Ed.|Call of Duty 4|Oblivion|Fallout 3|Halo 3|Halo 3: ODST|Marvel Ult. Alliance 2|Modern Warfare 2|The Force Unleashed|SEGA MEGA DRIVE UC
  • 100% Arcade: 1 vs 100| Alien HominidHD|Banjo-Kazooie|Dash of Destruction|Doritos Crash Course|Harm's Way|Portal: Still Alive|Sonic The Hedgehog|Wolfenstein 3D|Worms

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