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Originally Posted by Lord Chabelo View Post
I can't get the last three achievements. The button sequence never unlocks an achievement
All answers are in post #16

投影のヴィジョン リターン

Main Menu > Start
Skip until you can open up the phone.
Press X, Right, Down, A, A, Down, A, Down, A.
{Achievement Unlocked: 投影のヴィジョン リターン}

ハジメテのオト リターン
Press A, B, Down, A, Down, A, Down, A.
{Achievement Unlocked: ハジメテのオト リターン}

Press X, A, A, A to go to your inbox.
Check message from バレル・タイター.
{Achievement Unlocked: アトラクタフィールドの収束}

At least for me, all works. I don't remember, but I believe you have to do 3 in sequence (if you don't understand katakana/hiragana/kanji like me xD)

I don't have this game anymore to try and help you, sorry.
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