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Spice of Life - 10
Win each game mode at least once.

For this achievement, you must simply win one game of each quick game mode. The modes required are Classic Game, Power Chips, Max Score, and Pop Out. This is not difficult at all once you become familiar with the nuances of the game modes. Remember you can use a solver to play Classic, Max Score, and Pop Out (as long as you do not pop any, the AI never does) if you are having trouble with those.

Shake, Rattle and Roll - 10
Shake the device to cause an earthquake in the game.

This can be done in any game mode. All you have to do is violently shake your phone while playing a game. The screen/game board will shake, and the achievement will unlock.

Meta-Player - 30
Complete the Challenge Mode.

There are a total of 16 challenges that need to be completed that unlock progressively as you complete them. Most of them are easy, but a few can be tricky. Here are some tips:
  • Always milk the clock by taking the maximum amount of time to place your chip (see the ever-shrinking red timer bar).
  • Make sure you are playing on EASY difficulty.
  • For score-related challenges (reach X score) that dont mention anything about your opponent, remember that how many points the AI scores does not matter. Just let the computer get connect 4's to open up opportunities for you.
  • For "Connect 4++", it is easiest to try and set-up two groups of two chips on the bottom row separated by an opponent's chip and use the heavy weight chip to plow all the way to the bottom to score you the points. For this one, you also need to win so milk the clock once you score once.
  • Use the solver where applicable.
  • For "Double Trouble", use the strategy found in the "Crossroads" achievement.


The following 6 achievements are obtained by winning or completing a certain number of games and can be done in any game mode.

The Journey Begins - 5
Win your first match.

See "Advanced Connector."

Amateur Connector - 5
Win 10 matches.

See "Advanced Connector."

Journeyman Connector - 10
Win 25 matches.

See "Advanced Connector."

Advanced Connector - 20
Win 50 matches.

These achievements are related to winning games and can be done in any quick game mode or in challenge game mode. See "Legendary Connector" for the fastest way to win/complete games. When using that method, remember you must win a match in a non-challenge mode game for after surpassing the required win total for the achievement to unlock. You can check your progress towards these achievements from the Play Menu by clicking on "Your Stats."

Epic Connector - 10
Play 500 matches.

See "Legendary Connector."

Legendary Connector - 15
Play 1000 matches.

There is no hiding it. Playing a total of 1000 games on Connect 4 is a horrible, mind-numbing achievement. Fortunately, a way has been discovered (by IEvil IMonkey) that allows 1000 games to be completed in a slightly bearable time frame.

The fastest way to earn wins or complete games is to play the challenge that is located in the second column from the left and one down from the top called "Puzzle." This challenge only requires that you place a single chip to win. You MUST WIN the challenge for this method to work. Placing the chip in the incorrect spot will not work. Just keep loading up the challenge over and over, repeatedly placing the chip in the winning spot (there are only 3 variations of the puzzle, so this is easy). This method should in theory go very quickly, but unfortunately the game's menus are very laggy and doing this method the game tends to bog down and often crash. Still, with the lag and crashing, you can complete between 200-250 games per hour. Meaning to grind 1000 games it will take you around 4 hours after you have completed the miscellaneous achievements. It is also important to mention that the achievements will NOT pop while winning challenge games. After surpassing the requirements for the achievements, you MUST play (and possibly win) a quick game mode match for the achievements to unlock.

You can check your progress towards these achievements from the Play Menu by clicking on "Your Stats."

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