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Action Hero! 25
Earn all Movie Mode stars!

You must complete all the stars on each level in Movie Mode to get this achievement. Pro Medals don't count towards this but you should still try to go for them anyway since there is an achievement for it.

Five Star! 20
Grab five stars in one run!

The first opportunity to get this achievement is on 6th level Act 4. You will need to complete all the stars in the one go.

Movie Buff! 5
Receive a level

Select "Movie Maker" from the main menu and complete the tutorials (which unlocks Rocket Man!). Now just go and download any one of the tracks for the achievement. If you play the track, then you can also rate it afterwards for the Movie Critic! achievement.

Talent Spotter! 15
Collect 3 hidden stars

Hidden stars are not very hidden. Its usually obvious where one is going to be and sometimes they will even show you during the intro video for the level. The sad part about this game is that as you progress farther in the game, they keep reusing the same sections of tracks which includes where the hidden stars are located.

Movie Maker! 5
Upload a level

Select "Movie Maker" from the main menu and complete the tutorials (while will unlock Rocket Man!). Now you can pick an environment and bike to start creating a track. Immediately pause it and select "Save and Restart". Now quit out of the map and get back to menus. You will now see an option to press X on your created track to upload it.

First Day on Set! 5
Finished your second level

Unlocked after you complete the 2nd level in Movie Mode.

Secret Achievements

Quick Change! 5
Change a vehicle mid level!

While playing through Movie Mode, this achievement is impossible to miss. The first level with vehicle changes is on the 3rd Level of Act 2.

Most Determined! 10
Complete a level after crashing 50 times!

Don't bother trying for this achievement until after you beat the game since you might get it "legit". But if you didn't get it while playing, the easiest way would be on a level with the unicycle since you can just keep tipping over and then hitting restart. Once you are sure you have made 50 restarts, just finish the level.

Spring Roll! 10
Bounce off a spring after death!

This achievement doesn't unlock until you finish the level. You might get this while playing through the game but I found it easiest to do on the Act 5 level "Kill Chill" where the helicopter is shooting at you. All you need to do is let the rockets hit you while you are driving toward a spring board and you should slide into it. Then just finish the level.

Rising Star! 10
Complete a level after coming off your vehicle

You might get this while playing through the game, but it will be easiest to do on a level that has the pterodactyl or helicopter shooting at you. Slow down before the finish line and time it right so you get blown up crossing the line.

Monkey Business! 15
Collect 4 Banana stars!

A Banana star requires you collect all the bananas in a level. First you need to find a stack of the 3 bananas floating somewhere. Then this triggers a countdown and you only have so much time to collect the remaining bananas.

WOW! 10
Achieve a 40x Combo!

This achievement doesn't unlock until you complete the level. This is easy to do on the level where you need to smash the van that is driving down the street. Just drive really slow, alternating back and forth between wheelies and endos. Once you get over 40x, just finish the track. It doesn't matter if you lose your combo after you get over 40 and it should still unlock even if you crash and have to start over.

Film Critic! 5
"Like" a level in the Movie Maker!

After downloading and playing a level, you can press X on the level select screen to "Like" a level for a free 5g.
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