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Originally Posted by SAM 602 View Post
Was able to knock out some still trying to get a group together to knock out a few more.

Trying to get these Mulitiplayer Achievements out the way any help would be great, need at least 3 players total to get most of them one game I would need 5 just because its a killtacular.

Ones I need:
Violent Cartographer
Triple Kill
Decorated Soldier

I'll be on most of the day on weekdays, won't be for most of fridays and weekends maybe a few late hours and then back on for weekdays.

Hit me up if anyone has a group or a plan to knock some out GT: SAM 602
Need these as well, and Skewer Stopper. You need 4 players total for VC and Rainman actually. For Killtacular you need to kill 4 players within 4 seconds so 5 players total for that.
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