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just posting what i did to get the cheev:

followed dark knight & tonic's tips carefully, expecially the 2-second part.
i successfully boosted this 3am eastern and there were still a number of randoms in the lobby. i did a test run 8 hours earlier with the lobby population close to 30. using the method below it was hard to always find the bait. with a populaiton of 10-15 at 3am, however, it was better.
i let the losing gamertag search and bait itself to randoms. usually a random would be paired up within a 2-second timeframe for it as well, so when it hasn't been paired up still for more than 4 seconds, i'd let the winning gamertag search. immediately got paired up with the boosting partner. things is, even if you cancel the search after 2 seconds, the game is slow to register that because as soon as you do the search for the booster, it will get paired up immediately. that's why it's important for the bait gamertag to do a search first and to make it linger long. even when it has already been searching for longer than 4 seconds, still be careful because there's always the chance that as sooon as the booster searches, a random will be paired up with the bait and it might be too late for the booster to back out even within 2 seconds. fortunately, once you get the timing on the baiting and the joining of the boosting gamertag, it will be easier to find each other. but still be cautious. did this for 30-40 minutes and i was lucky i got paired up with my partner 25 times. finished the last match with a proper KO and pop the achievement went.

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