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Originally Posted by CHIRUNO99 View Post
The problem with all of these threads I see is they don't mention Fable Heroes.

You can mention 1, 2 and 3 as many times as you want and I'd agree that they are a series which has declined, but the countless arguments of Fable: The Journey won't be a traditional Fable game is just stupid since Fable Heroes is blatantly not a traditional Fable game yet NOBODY seems to have a problem with it.

If you're more than happy with a party-family beat 'em up based on the Fable Universe then you should be ok with a Kinect styled Fable game. I think it's more of a principal of you bashing it because it's a Kinect exclusive, and not just a direct sequel.
Exactly. I find it silly and to whinge about Fable Journey being a kinect title is more about their feelings toward kinect. Branching off from the main Fable universe is not a bad thing and should not be thought of as taking away from Fable the series. Did people think this way with Halo Wars and not being a FPS? Anyway. To choose to hate on any game before it is even released, OR even played with is stubborn and unreasonable.

Originally Posted by Mr RubeusHagrid View Post
I have played every fable and for me the older ones were better. I am annoyed that Fable the journey will just be released on Kinect, I don't think that it is fair for all the other Fable fans, who like me don't have kinect. And for that reason I say good day to the fable platform
Why be annoyed? Because you choose not to own a kinect to enjoy a game? Again, this is not Fable 4 on kinect. This is a spin-off with kinect. Even if you choose not to try out the title, kinect, allow others to possibly enjoy.
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