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Okay, I've finally got my hands on Halo 2 PC. I'm up for boosting and I'm generally on most of the day and most of the night.....I can pretty much play this game any time. So reply here or send me a message on when we can these achievements done.

My gamertag is JCDRANZER

EDIT #1:-

Okay I need to get 2 more achievements for the online multiplayer and they are:-

1.) Rainman - Play all game type variants with at least 3 other people
2.) Killtacular - Basically get an Overkill (4 kills in a row in quick succession)

I have 2 buddies that also only need those 2 achievements and they are OutProduceman and Weaselteri24.

Ideally we need 2 more people to join our small group.

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