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This didn't work for me. After installing I tried to boot the games from the "My Games" section, my xbox said it couldn't boot them(Doom 1 & 2 do appear in the My Games section after installing BFG). When I tried to boot them from the game selection screen on the BFG disc with it installed, the game has a pop up that tells me that I have to uninstall to play Doom 1 & 2.

EDIT: Oh boy, this installing business seems to have screwed up my game a bit. I uninstalled it after discovering I couldn`t play Doom 1 & 2, and now when I load up BFG, the main menu and all options/any text shows up like this:


Instead of "Continue, New Game, or Load Game, I've got:


The buttons at the bottom of the screen are labelled:

(A) #str_02187
(B) #str_00395
(X) #str_02315
(Y) #str_swf_storage device

What should I do? My save games have normal names, not worried about those though as I finished RoE last night.


Restarting my console fixed the codey gibberish, I'm just going to play the game uninstalled lol

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