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Originally Posted by ChaosTheoryV2X View Post
This lonewolf achievement is incredibly frustrating... I mind control solod a UFO crash site on Classic and no achievement... I also tried 2 other times and was successful but I'm guessing loading saves voided it... so glitchy... I guess I'll try doing the heavy strategy next -.-;;
Lonewolf was so easy.......... On impossible

If you have full satillite coverage without going to the alien base prior to having full covearge. You will only get UFO's mainly Small Scouts, some Large Scouts and occasionally Abductor. You might get council panic or terror missions if your countries have 3 bars at this point.

You will though get plenty of small UFO's. Aliens at this point in game can include berserkers though so be careful.

Now take a Sniper who has Squadsight, Opportunist, Battle Scanner, In the Zone. Use Battle Scanners, and the Squadsight will kill them from miles away, and also use Y button Overwatch. The aliens don't stand a chance at all, you won't even have to load.

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