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Originally Posted by Evo089 View Post
How's it broken?
I don't know how much you played with it, but here are some:

- music in the menus. simply ridiculous that after a while it starts on maximum volume and completely distorted
- lag. i don't think i've seen much game where actually wasn't a constant 2 sec lag. (no, it's not my internet connection)
- sound effects in-game. way too often you cannot hear some sounds, i.e shots, radio talks, explosions, etc
- hit detection. i could empty a magasine in the enemy but wouldn't die, while they shoot the wall next to me and i'm done
- random bugs. like constantly falling enemies from the sky or playing a match where suddenly you're alone or playing a match where there are others and you can still not find them or everybody in slow motion while one person is sliding around like Flash.
- utterly glitched achievements.
- etc. etc. etc.

I guess that is what we call a broken multiplayer experience.
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