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Originally Posted by evanevanevan View Post
And the whole thing where you lose control of a territory if you're awareness goes up is horrible. Makes for an obnoxious game. And then you have to play that stupid Assassins Creed Tower Defense Game. So stupid difficult. And your awareness goes up like 25% just for buying a property?!? Horrible. Lets get back to what made this game good with AC3, and get rid of these stupid new additions. Animus Island/Desmond memories are cool, bomb crafting is cool, all this other new $#!* can go back where it came from.
I like many things about this game, but I will agree that I hated the den defense. It wasn't too hard once you figured out what to do, but there was little to no guidence prior to learning it yourself. I actually put the game down for several months because of this.
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