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I will say this much...

This Sonic game has made a pretty significant impact on me. I grew up with a Game Gear and a PC. Sure, I got to GBA, and DS. But once we got an Xbox 360 five years ago, I got this game. It was my first 3D Sonic title.

It introduced a lot to the series to me. I found out more about other characters, like Shadow, Rouge, Omega, and Silver. Thus, I got more interested in previous titles, as well as newer releases from there on.

To this day, I have every main-series console title released, from Sonic 1 down to Sonic 4 EP 2. I will say this too - despite '06's flaws, it is a decent game. I only have 7 Achievements left (which are all the main level S-Ranks and Medals), and I'll probably never get them. But I did enjoy the game. Occasionally, I still do play it. It's considerably better than Sonic Heroes, IMO.

Also, I've heard some strange rumor about this title being re-released or some such BS. Honestly, given this game's history, that would be the LAST thing on SEGA's minds.
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