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The Whites of Their Eyes 20
Complete Sequence 7.

Story related, can't be missed.

Mission 1: The Midnight Ride
  • Do not trigger open conflict
  • Reach Prescott's location within the given time (2:00 Minutes)
Mission 2: Lexington and Concord
  • Rescue civilian hostages (1)
  • Kill groups of regulars with a single order (7)
Mission 3: Conflict Looms
  • Cross Charlestown without taking damage
  • Assassinate the Grenadier
  • Remain undetected while on ships
Mission 4: Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Cross the battlefield without taking damage
  • Limit regular kills (4)
  • Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

Caged Wolf 20
Complete Sequence 8.

Story related, can't be missed.

Mission 1: Something on the Side
  • Perform a successful static eavesdrop
  • Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
  • Do not tackle or shove anyone
Mission 2: Bridewell Prison
  • Limit prison guard deaths (2)
  • Reach Hickey within the given time (2:00 Minutes)
Mission 3: Public Execution
  • Kill enemy Militia (2)
  • Washington bodyguards must survive

Two if by Sea 20
Complete Sequence 9.

Story related, can't be missed.

Mission 1: Missing Supplies
  • Catch the cart driver within the given time (0:30 Seconds)
  • Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy
  • Kill camp guards without being detected (3)
Mission 2: Father and Son
  • Steal the Mercenary uniform without being detected
Mission 3: The Foam and The Flames
  • Limit Haythams damage (50%)
  • Do not take any fire damage
Mission 4: The Biter End
  • Limit environmental damage (20%)
  • Stay within distance of the Schooner (500)
  • Achieve a minimum 3 kill streak

Grim Expectations 20
Complete Sequence 10.

Story related, can't be missed.

Mission 1: Alternate Methods
  • Use guards as human shields (2)
  • Tackle the target from above
Mission 2: Broken Trust
  • Do not touch the ground
  • Stop the patriot messengers within the time limit (3:00 Minutes)
  • Stop the Kanie'keha:ka with non-lethal methods (6)
Mission 3: Battle of Monmouth
  • Neutralise platoons with a single cannon (8)
  • Neutralise two platoons with a single cannon
  • Prevent patriots executions (3)

Difficult End 20
Complete Sequence 11.

Story related, can't be missed.

Mission 1: Battle of the Chesapeake
  • Destroy ships using only one broadside (3)
  • Destroy frigates by firing on their powder stores (2)
  • Counter kill enemies (5)
Mission 2: Lee's Last Stand
  • Reach the signal tower within the given time - 3:00
  • Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire
  • Limit health loss - 50%

The Sum of Truth 50
Complete Sequence 12.

Story related, can't be missed.

Mission 1: Laid to Rest
  • Limit regular kills (15)
  • Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict
  • Kill the HMS Jersey's Captain
Mission 2: Chasing Lee
  • Stay within range of Lee (50M)
  • Do not shove anyone during the chase
  • Do not take any fire damage

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