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Kidd Gloves 30
Uncover the mystery of Oak Island.

To visit Oak Island you have to find all 24 Peg Leg Trinkets and finish all parts of the "Peg Leg" side mission explained in the "Bring Down the House" achievement description. This is just finishing the Kidd's Treasure quest. This is the last location of the quest that you must complete. After you are done, the achievement will unlock (uncovering the mystery is just doing the quest, nothing special on your part).

All Washed Up 40
Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.

At the Harbormaster, you will be given the various missions for the Aquila which are sea warfare based missions. Complete them all for the achievement. This can only be started after sequence 5. Check your DNA Tracker on "The Aquila" tab to see how much percent you have completed if you are wondering how far you are. The icon below is what a naval mission looks like on the map at the Harbormaster.

Entrepreneur, not Pirate! 20
Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.

Once you have access to the Aquila, via the Harbormaster, you will be taken into a map of the East Coast near the Atlantic Ocean. There are icons that are various missions. The ones that look like a ship's helm (the steering wheel essentially). Complete them all for the achievement. You need to do these for the 100% DNA Tracker. The below icon is what you're looking for.

Tumblehome 10
Upgrade the Aquila.

After obtaining the missions for the Aquila, go to the Harbormaster and besides him is a book. The book lets you do various upgrades to the Aquila. Most of them are quite expensive, but adding an additional cannon can be purchased if you don't have a lot of money.

By Invitation Only 20
Be invited to join a Club.

There are 4 clubs. You must do basic things to get yourself invited to them which they look for. You do not talk to anyone, you just do the actions to get invited. Below is a list of the clubs and the actions you must do. Take in mind you might have to do a decent amount of it until you get your invitation, so keep at it.
  1. Frontiersman - Explore a good amount of locations
  2. Hunting Society - Hunting animals gets you invited
  3. Boston Brawlers - Using hand to hand combat gets you invited
  4. Thieves - picking pockets gets you invited

In Good Standing 30
Complete all challenges for any of the Clubs.

You get invited to clubs as play through the game. The clubs are Boston Brawlers, The Hunting Society, Thieves, and The Frontiersmen. There are 3 sets of challenges for each club. To see the challenges in the next list, you must complete the set before it. Luckily the game keeps track of all of your stats. It is very likely that by the time you finish challenge set 1, you will have at least 75% or more of the next set already accomplished. These tasks are generally extremely easy (except a few which are hard).

Man of the People 20
Liberate all districts in Boston OR New York.

Keep playing the liberation missions on your map. There are 3 general "districts" in both cities that you must complete. Check your Liberation Missions map above your normal map to see each divided district. See your logbook if you want to know what kind of missions need to be done. Your best bet is to do all of the viewpoints (the bird icon). The missions only appear if you have been near them or have the viewpoint unlocked. After completing them, you then have to talk to your "contact" to complete one main mission usually involving assassinating someone.

Monopoly Man 10
Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier.

Sending a convoy is a way to make money. You must send one to each area described in the description. This will become easier to do as you gain supplies and build up your homestead. You must also have accessed at least 1 general store in each area. When in the convoy menu (accessed from the Accounting Book found in the manor or general stores), you need to press down on the analogue stick to pick a different area's store.

Blowing in the Wind 20
Retrieve every page for one of Ben Franklin's Almanacs.

For this achievement, you do not have to collect every page. It is only required to complete one of the Almanacs. While in a town, there will be random floating pages that you must collect. If you go to the general store you can purchase a map to find them all, making this extremely easy. In order to get 100% DNA Tracker, however, you must collect every single page anyways. They are only found in Boston and New York. There are a total of 32 to find.

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