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Fuck their unbalanced multiplayer and shitty achievements. I'll not be doing DLC on this game. I managed to stomach the regular MP achievements until I started trying for Sweep. Then I pulled out my Hori controller and AFKed a few nights (auto fire on A and RT). Woke up to the console being completely frozen twice because of this garbage game, but I ended up getting a Win based achievements by AFKing. Now fuck Rockstar. I'll get my 50 in Score Attack. btw, Am I the only one that has never been able to actually bring up the social club thing to login? I tried to do it for the weekend event and it just constantly says the servers are unavailable.
100% Onyx MAX on Halo: Reach 6/19/2012: 240+ DAYS playtime, 16000 rounds survived (double max Perfectionist), 1.5 million FF kills.

Seriously 2.0 and 3.0

Xbox One dis-Kinected 6/9/14. Let that be a lesson to people. Vote with your wallet.

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