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Originally Posted by VashPR View Post
This is an awesome road map and guide. Many thanks for this.

I do however have a question about Tekken lord rank. Does difficulty effect your rate and speed of promotions? does picking a single rather than tag speed this up further? (am currently on 325W and 19L (94.4%) ) yet i am only ranked byakko (21st dan)

Any replies would be a great help.

Great guide once again!

Originally Posted by JaxTH View Post
As far as I can tell difficulty and number of characters does not affect it. Maybe you were fighting opponents under/over three ranks to your own rank? You won't get as many points if they aren't within three of you when you win.

That's my only guess.
I was having the same issue as my Lili hadn't moved from Destroyer for the longest time. So I kept looking at the list of tiers and kept choosing higher ones and shes already ranked 2 tiers since I started doing it.
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