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Miscellaneous Achievements

Learn Gooder - 10
Completed all of the in-game tutorials.

After the fight with your first enemy in the game Ada will give you a few instructions. You will seen fight a few other robots outside the hanger and Neith will appear for the first time. Slash away and after the fight gather the intel in front of you. Ada will then give you two more tutorials.

You just have to watch the videos and not really do anything. After you've started the last tutorial video, the achievement should pop.

Silent Assassin - 20
Took out the EPS relay block before eliminating any enemies

This is in City 1 shortly after the second rescue mission. You will enter the area and a huge shield will block you from proceeding. Leave the area and go to Town 2. Destroy the enemies and purple Porters. After that you can pick up the Sniper Rifle.

Now go back to City 1 and make sure to shot the white dots in the middle of the tower before killing any other enemy. If some of them detect you, stay cool. Just press and dash to safety. After the escape timer reaches zero wait and go back to the tower. When you hit the last dot the shield will go down and the achievement is yours.

Benedict Arnold - 20
Defeated 10 enemies while controlling the Raptor.

When you control the Raptor in EPS 2 as part of the story you have to kill 10 enemies. Since the Raptor is much weaker this gets a little bit harder than usual but still not challenging. Just focus on weak groups. Remember that you also have to fight three or four enemies once you're inside the underground portion of the area.

If you die and continue, the previously killed enemies still count towards your achievement. Though I don't know if this stacks throughout multiple playthroughs. Just make sure to get it in one go.

Unhealthy Behaviour - 20
Defeated 10 enemies when under the influence of the Virus.

After you encounter Tyrant and flee, you will soon see that Ada got infected with a virus. You will now die in one hit. Make a save and do the rescue mission. The enemies are all level one, which makes this much easier. You also should get an A-Rank for the Good Samaritan achievement.

Now enter Factory 1 or any other area. Factory 1 just has the benefit of low level enemies. Kill three squads and you should now have killed 10 enemies.

If you die and continue, the previously killed enemies still count towards your achievement. Though I don't know if this stacks throughout multiple playthroughs. Just make sure to get it in one go.

Porter Pounder - 20
Destroyed 40 Porters

In certain areas of the game purple Porters will appear. You can destroy them to get an item. Most of the time it's a sub-weapon or the passcode for a sub-weapon.

Some of them are only visible after you've acquired the detector, which is story related. You are required to shot the ones in Town 2 to get the sniper rifle. You will then see them later in EPS 1 and City 2. Green ones will appear in EPS2 and Factory 2 after you've acquired the detector. They will also be marked on your map so they are easy to spot. You can practically miss a few since there are more then fifty but you have to get all, if you want the Hacker/Gun Runner achievement for finding all passcodes/sub-weapons.

Bomb Squad - 20
Disarmed all the bombs in HUB 1 correctly.

This is right before the last boss fight against Zombie Neith. 4 bombs will appear in the room that you have to disarm. Kill all the enemies first and then go for the bomb. You always have 60 seconds to kill the robots and get to the bomb each time which is more than enough.

When you get to a bomb, press and hold . It is vital that you keep the button pressed or the bomb goes off. You can miss this, if a bomb goes off and you survive but just make sure to hold the button and kill all the enemies first.

Framed - 30
Unlocked Zombie Neith by unlocking all of the Orbital Frames in Versus Mode.

This one is quite simple. After you've beaten the game, reload the last save file right before the bomb disarming. Repeat, kill Zombie Neith, survive Anubis and after the cut scene you will unlock Zombie Neith as your last playable character.

1st on x360a to 200/200 Bastion and 400/400 THPS:HD

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