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Ranking Achievements
Good Samaritan - 20
Achieved an A Rank in a Rescue Mission.

Refer to Damage Control.

Damage Control - 30
Earned an A Rank in all 5 rescue missions.

This is the hardest achievement in the game and will cause you a lot of trouble, if you don't know exactly what to do. before I go into detail let's just make sure you know the basics of these rescue missions.

Between certain points in the game, a big orange SOS sign will appear on the overworld map that you can hardly ignore. Make a save if you see one and go straight to it. If you even wait a few moments, one of the survivors could get killed, making the A-Rank impossible.

To get an A-Rank you need two things:

- All 100% of the survivors must be rescued.
- No more than 10% of all the buildings can be damaged.

Only then will you get an A-Rank. If not, just reload you safe and try again. As a short warning: The AI doesn't behave the same every time and although this is mostly skill based a little bit of luck is involved. So just keep at it. Now onto the missions themselves.

Rescue Mission 1: Town 2

The first mission is not the hardest but definitely not the easiest one of the bunch. Take a right turn at the start and directly kill the two Mummys, before they cause any damage. Make sure to fight them from above so they don't hit a house with stray fire.

Head over the field to the other group with the Mummy and kill this squad. Then focus on the two raptor in the top left corner. After that, kill the rest. You have to be fast and also look out how you position yourself. Always lure enemies to the fields. Especially the raptors can ruin your day with a stray shot that goes directly into a house. They can hit one or two without any survivors in them.

Rescue Mission 2: Town 1

This one is a bitch, because the damage of the Tempest fight right before this mission counts towards the total damage. So make sure to be careful. To defeat Tempest without any damage, get close enough to him so that he only uses the light flamethrower. Keep going back a little so he doesn't come close and stay on the same line since he sometimes uses his fireballs. The light flamethrower can't damage building though. Just use your range attacks to get his life bar half way down.

At the start of the second part dash to the left side of the trench so his fireballs won't hit any buildings. When his comes down, block the blue lasers and go around him exactly 180 so you face the opposite side. Then spam your range attacks and repeat. You should be able to win the fight without any destroyed buildings. If only one or two are damaged, you are still golden. If not, reload your save file and try again. Believe me, you rather do this a few more times than realizing you can't get an A-Rank later on.

Now for the second part. The actual rescue mission itself. Your best bet is to start of to the right and kill the Mummy. Then the other guy. Fly over the trench and lure the squad in the middle inside the hole. Fight all your enemies after the first one in here. Now grab the group of three with the last mummy. The other three are up to you. I usually start finishing the west side first. The main thing though is to be quick and careful. It may take a few tries, but you will get it after a while.

Rescue Mission 3: Town 3

This is the second hardest mission in my oppion and definitely the longest. So a few things can go wrong. Also the little river in the middle is not as big as the trench in Town 2. So be extra careful. The fun thing about this one is that the enemies will stand still for a long time before moving. Some of them won't even move at all.

At the start kill the group of three right to your side. They are the only one moving. Now I like to start on the left and kill everything with a Mummy. Use the Sniper to lure them towards you so the Raptors won't throw any mines and directly kill all the buildings surrounding them. leave the Raptor duo alone for now and go to the right. Only kill the two squads in the middle and go back to the left. Kill the two Raptors and finish off the new squads that are coming out now.

After every new squad is dead, you can focus on the right. Kill the lower area first. They can't harm any building so be direct and kill them with your slashes. At last kill the two Mummys and wait for the last squad to appear in their place. After this just hope any stray fire didn't hit the houses. If you're under 10% damage and all people survived, you can finally go on with the game. The hardest part is now over.

Rescue Mission 4: City 2

This is by far the easiest one even though Ada has a virus and you can only be hit once. But all enemies are level one and really easy to handle. You won't even have to be concerned about any damage or the survivors. Just fight and even use a few ranged sub-Weapons like Halberd to defeat the two Mummys.

Rescue Mission 5: City 1

The last one also is a piece of cake compared to the first three. The only building that can be damaged it the tower itself. So position yourself on the outer part on the map so the enemies won't hit the building by mistake. As always kill the Mummys and Raptors first. Then pick off the rest.

Valedictorian - 30
Achieved an Overall Evaluation grade of A.

To get an overall A-Rank you to at least beat the game on the hard difficulty, which is honestly not that much harder than normal or even easy. If you have problems with the difficulty, level up Jehuty by fighting low level enemies at the start of the game.

Used Saves, Time and the number of defeated enemies don't seem to matter for the overall grade. But you have to make sure not to die more than 4 times and that you get an A-Rank on all five rescue missions. So just make sure to save a lot and you should be fine. Even with farming for nearly 2 hours at the start, I managed to get under 4 hours and receive my A-Rank.

Here are my personal stats

Difficulty: Hard
Deaths: 0
Saves: 22
Time: 3:32
Enemies killed: 890
Rescue missions: AAAAA

I've seen people with somewhat over 4 hours and under 250 kills getting the A-Rank. But just to be sure don't waste any time. The game can be easily finished in under 90 minutes.

To find tips for the rescue missions refer to Damage Control.

Salutatorian - 20
Achieved an Overall Evaluation grade of B.

The ranking achievements sadly do not stack. But you still only need one playthrough. After you reached the end and got your A-Rank, reload the last save and die 5 times before the Zombie Neith fight. Then just finish the game and you should get a B ranking since every stat is the same except for the number of continues. 5 times is enough to put you over the edge to lower the grade to a B-Rank.
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