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Marker Types [MRK]

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Again this section is written by Scratch W as I felt I could not improve on what he had already written. Scratch W was kind enough to allow me to post both the above and the current section as he originally wrote it. Just a note to keep any confusion from arising, he calls them checkpoints and I call them markers. In hindsight he has the better name, but I'm stubborn.

Anything (Get through Checkpoint any way possible) - self explanatory.

Land (Touch the ground) - self explanatory.

Wall Crawl (Hold B while pushing into the Wall) and Wall Crawl Boost (Hold B and Hold LT) - to grab the wall, hit B. Use LS to crawl, Hold LT to crawl faster. There are some Races that end with a Wall Crawl. If you grab the wall outside just outside the Checkpoint, Wall Crawl Boost might get you in there under the Gold time. Laugh all you want but every fraction of a second helps. I forget what Race it was but Iíll never forget that I missed its Gold time by .042 seconds, then by .024 seconds, and then by .012 seconds and, mind you, you only get that perfect run maybe one in ten times if youíre lucky.

Web Swing (Pull RT) - you donít necessarily have to Swing through this Checkpoint and you can Zip through it. The only thing that matters is that you Pull RT while youíre inside it.

Wall Sprint (Pull and Hold LT and Press B while pushing into the wall) - you can aim Wall Sprint with LS but it is important to note that letting go of LS and RS and simply holding LT and B is Wall Sprint neutral. In other words, once youíve aimed, landed and begun Wall Sprinting in the right direction, let go of LS and RS to Wall Sprint straight. This is imperative when you are required to Wall Sprint around the corner of a building (Race 35.) If you try to aim with LS while turning the corner, youíre likely to shoot off the wall completely. Wall Sprint is the touchiest part of the Web Swing Engine (more so than Wall Jump, I think) for that reason and this one: how you hit the wall heading into a Wall Sprint can make or break your Race. Hit it right, and youíre set. Hit it wrong, and you must restart.

Wall Jump (Press A while Wall Sprinting) - sounds easy right? Yes and no. The Wall Jump only registers after you Release A. You can also do a Quick Wall Jump (while Holding LT and B, Tap A) and a Charged Wall Jump (while Holding LT and B, Hold and Release A). So, depending on where your next Checkpoint is, you can do a Quick Wall Jump to hop for that close one or you can do a Charged Wall Jump to leap for that far one.

Poleswing (Hold B while near a pole) - the faster you hit the Poleswing, the faster you can do your two to eight Revolutions required to pass the Checkpoint. In other words, if you can hit it coming out of a Swing, Zip or Jump, youíll pass it quickly. If you can hit it coming out of Swing Boost, Zip Boost or Charged Jump youíll pass it quickly and fly out of it to boot. You can also Poleswing Boost (while Poleswinging, rapidly tap LT to Boost.) It is important to note that, if you let go LS and RS while Poleswinging, you will Poleswing neutral. Releasing B out of Poleswing neutral or Poleswing Boost neutral shoots you straight up into the air. That is the secret to Race 48, by the way.

Orbit (Attach a webline within the Checkpoint and Orbit around the Checkpoint) and Orbit Boost (While Holding RT, Press LT) - it is important to Boost in mid-Orbit so as to launch out this Checkpoint and thus towards the next one.

Loop (Attach a webline within the Checkpoint and Loop around the Checkpoint) and Loop Boost (While Holding RT, Press LT) - it is important to Boost in mid-Loop so as to launch out this Checkpoint and thus towards the next one.

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Easy Races [EAS]

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Race 1 [R01]
0:42.000, 1:08.000, 1:15.000, 0:39.638
Thoughts: You can get gold on this without the web zip, but it's good practice regardless to use it.

- Run forward for the first mark.
- Immediately afterwards web swing through the second mark and onto the elevated train tracks.
- If you don't land on this mark just quickly run through it.
- Web swing through this next mark...
- ...and if you're a good aim you can land in this next mark.
- Web swing through the next mark, and you might be able to swing through the next one.
- At this point you can either web swing through the marks or you can get in your practice with web zipping. You go forward through the next five marks using these techniques.
- By now you should see the tracks make a 90 degree turn to the left, web swing around the corner and there will be a mark requiring you to land. If you're going quite fast you can hold down on the left stick to slow yourself.
- Web zip or web swing down the tracks to the end where you'll go through another mark.
- Depending on your momentum it might carry you on to the final mark, a landing mark, across the street. Otherwise web swing or web zip to it.

Race 2 [R02]
0:36.000, 0:54.000, 1:10.000, 31.220

- You'll want to start off with a jump over a barrier in front of you. You'll need a careful jump so as not to spend additional time in the air and not go beyond it. You need to land/walk through this mark.
- Web swing into the air and web zip forward until you've gone through the mark. Do not web zip again afterwards.
- You'll now need to web swing around the corner of a building through another mark.
- Web zip forward to the roof of a building on the left. It's real easy to web zip too far, so you'll need to gauge whether or not you need to web swing or jump to make it to the mark without going past.
- Here is a moment where I'm sure somebody has a better way to get to the next mark. I double jumped onto the roof just ahead and literally just ran to the next mark. That likely takes more time than necessary, but it's what I did.
- Just ahead of you will be an airborn mark that you should get through by falling, and maybe with a jump.
- Again, it may not be the best way to go about it, but I ran right to the land marker right in front of where you land.
- From here it's a bit of luck with aiming. You need to jump high and web zip to the awning with the land marker. You may need to do a jump as well to reach it comfortably.
- Running forward you can reach the next land marker on the awning in front of you with just a jump.
- Run forward and either web swing forward or web zip forward. I've done both.
- Once through that marker web zip forward and you should be able to land inside the final marker. You might also be able to web swing to it.

Race 3 [R03]
0:22.000, 0:35.000, 0:45.000, 0:18.376

- Run forward through the first marker.
- Jump and web swing through the next marker, and start turning to the left.
- This next marker is in the air and you should be able to go through it with the first web swing. The sign on the edge of the building can be problematic if you turn too sharply. If you're real talented you can actually make it between the sign and the building.
- Web zip down the street through the next two or three markers before web swinging to turn onto a street to your right. I have a tendency to alternate web zip and web swing down this street.
- This next one can be rather annoying as you have to land with all this speed. I can't give much in the way of advice, you just need to have the right amount of momentum and speed so you don't land too far before or after it.
- Jump and web swing through the next marker, aiming to go down the street to its right.
- Web zip or web swing down this street through the next marker.
- Depending on how confident you feel you can either web zip or web swing to this final marker. Web zip is faster, but a bit less sure of where you'll land and web swing is slower but more easily controlled.

Race 4 [R04]
0:30.000, 0:48.000, 1:00.000, 0:29.456

- There is no way to do this race without the web zip and the boost. It's only one mark and you need to do a combination of web zips and web swings over the rooftops and around buildings.

Race 5 [R05]
0:31.000, 0:42.000, 1:00.000, 0:30.920

- You have one basic strategy for the vast majority of this race. Be high enough to web zip forward, then use a web swing to dip down low to grab the next one. There will be some times towards the middle to end of the race where you may need a couple of web zips or web swings in a row to comfortably grab a marker.
- The final marker is a landing marker, just web zip to this and try to land in it. Odds are if you don't land in it you won't have enough time to get gold.
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