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Race 6 [R06]
0:38.000, 0:54.000, 1:10.000, 0:37.874

- Jump and web zip forward a couple of times until you're close to the marker. Before you reach it you'll want a web swing so you can comfortably turn around the corner to the right.
- Another good web zip will send you down this street and again you'll want a web swing when close to the marker to swing around the corner to the left.
- Web zip forward, but don't be too concerned about jumping to maintain height. You'll want to be fairly low so that you can web swing around the corner to the right and grab the marker. I don't recommend using the web swing boost here.
- Keep low and web swing around the corner to the left.
- Web zip down this street. This is entering the painful part. You want to use a web swing to grab the marker, but save the boost so that you use it to propel you upwards. That is quite important.
- If you did that right you'll be high enough that you can web zip across the top of the buildings in front of you. If you're not high enough you're going to hit walls and it's going to screw you over. Towards the end the marker will be very low towards the street. Free fall and try not to freak out about all the time it takes to do that. When you're close web swing through it, and use that boost to start your speed back up.
- Now here is a difficult decision. You can use that web swing to go right for one block, and blindly web zip to the left for a straight shot to the final marker--but, there is a fence in front of and behind this marker. If you aren't the right distance and height you can easily over shoot it or land just before it. Alternatively you can go left with this web swing and web zip down this until you clear the building and then try to web zip straight to the marker. The fence isn't in your way with this one. I'd recommend the left path, but if you're good with your aim the right path may serve you well.

Race 7 [R07]
0:34.000, 0:48.000, 1:08.000, 0:30.388

- This race is like Race 4. There is only one marker and you will not make it without web zip. Odds are on the building the marker is atop of you'll need to land on the side of the building with B and scurry upwards while jumping.
- Just as an indicator of how easy this race can be when you have web zips and web swings down, I broke my own record going through this race while writing the guide.

Race 8 [R08]
0:28.000, 0:50.000, 1:06.000, 0:26.196

- Jump and web zip forward.
- Quickly web swing for a sharp turn to the right for the next marker. Try to leap high when you leave the swing.
- Web zip forward, but you may want to hold down on the left stick to slow yourself so that you land in the marker.
- Quickly jump again and web zip forward again through the next marker.
- This next one takes a little bit of luck, or it's going to screw you on the time. With the momentum of the last web zip hope that you clear enough of the ducts on the roof to get to the next marker. A double jump may help with that. If you have to jump over one, that's not too bad. Don't jump extremely high, you're just wasting time with that.
- You can jump off the roof if you want, but you'll spend a bit of time in the air before you hit the marker. I just walked off the roof and used web swing through the marker and around the corner to the right.
- Web zip down the street, and web swing around the corner to the right through another one.
- Now then use another web swing and swing yourself high enough to clear the building right in front of you. Web zip forward. I used a web zip with the boost, and then one without the boost while holding down on the left stick to land.

Race 9 [R09]
0:26.000, 0:38.000, 0:52.000, 0:24.964
Thoughts: This race really isn't too difficult. I beat it in a matter of ten tries.

- Run forward and jump forward. It may take a couple tries to get the right amount of jump so that you don't waste too much time in the air.
- Jump out of this little depression in the roof and hopefully you'll land close enough to the next marker to run through it quickly.
- Web swing or web zip forward until you go through the marker, and then web swing to your left.
- This one is a bit difficult as in the middle of the level you need to land in a landing marker. It's all about learning how to aim where you'll land.
- Jump and web swing through the nearby marker and if done right you can swing through a second one as well.
- I would recommend sticking with a web swing through the alley, for both the one at the opening and the one at the exit.
- Web swing to the left as you pass the building just beyond the exit of the alley, and then web zip through the marker.
- Keep web zipping down the street and you'll need to aim to land in another landing marker.

Race 10 [R10]
0:52.000, 1:00.000, 1:20.000, 0:50.252
Thoughts: This race really isn't too difficult either. I beat it in a matter of two attempts.

- Web zip forward a few times. You're aiming for a landing marker on a roof. A well place zip will put you right in the middle of it and make keep your momentum going right off the other side so you're not slowed down by standing.
- Web zip forward down the street a couple of times and prepare to either web zip or web swing to a street angled left.
- A web zip will send you down far enough to go through the next marker.
- Web swing around sharply to the right and cut across the corner of the park. Keep high while web zipping, if you dip below the tree line you may not come out of it with gold. Keep going and the marker will be in front of you between two buildings.
- You'll want to keep going forward to the intersection in front of you and then web zip left down the street. Web zip your way down the street and as you approach it web swing around to the right.
- Web zip down and again as you approach it web swing to the left down the street.
- Go down one block by zip or by swing and then take a right out to where you can see open water. Swing left and web zip your way down the street. The marker is on a low roof of a building.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Medium Races [MED]

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Race 11 [R11]
0:40.000, 1:00.000, 1:15.000, 0:38.174
Thoughts: The quickest entrance to this race can be found across the street from a nearby building with a raised, I guess you could say, patio around it. If you can't find it here, go to Bomb Tour 8's building, mark Race 11 on your map, and then go down to the subway and hop on a train. It may take a minute or so but the train will take you to it.
- I found that it helped me to turn up the brightness/contrast in the game's settings. I upped mine to 85.
- When you start this if a train is oncoming and will be in your way just save yourself the time and restart now.
- For the first mark you want to web zip forward, without using LT. You may need to web swing to make sure you go through it, and when you do that swing over to the right hand side of the tunnels. Don't get too high with the web swing--there are two big wires or pipes on the ceiling that will hinder your movement.
- Web zip down the right hand side (with LT) until you're close to the mark. I had a tendency to swap over to web slinging when the number until the mark was at about 60. Use this web swing to get yourself above whatever those things are that divide the two tracks. Getting above these is critical.
- Web zip back across and repeat the last step. Web zip down the line until you're at about 60 meters away and then web swing up high.
- Again, web zip back across to the other side and continue as you have been.
- Web zip forward quite a ways, taking the left branch of the tunnels and going to the left hand side of this tunnel. Again when you're close web swing through and get high enough to web zip to the right side.
- With this next mark you can either continue as you have been with the web zip and then web swing or if you feel you can manage it just web zip straight through and keep going until you reach the archway into the subway platform.
- Now here is the frustrating part: You need to wall run up to the peak of the archway. If you're like me when you try to wall run here you'll simply run against the wall into the platform. The trick is to jump into the wall and then pull in LT and hold B.
- With any luck you should have about ten minutes left to run up the stairs in front of you to your left. As we're in a hurry now I know it's real easy to mess up the jump over the barrier and over shoot or hit the ceiling which delays you some, but if you can get just the right jump over it you can quickly enter the women's bathroom (the right pathway) and get into the final mark.
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