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Race 12 [R12]
0:35.000, 0:48.000, 1:00.000, 0:34.614
Thoughts: Okay, so remember how important boost were in all the previous races? They screw you up a lot in this one. As does jumping at the end of a web swing. This race also introduces two new types of markers. Type one is pole swinging, where you have to swing around a pole (duh), and the other is a marker where you must web swing through (although if you are in the middle of it already you can web zip out of it and it will count in my experience).

- As we begin, jump and web swing forward. Try to keep low and aim for the right portion of the marker so that you sail past the corner of the building.
- Now if you're lucky you can immediately grab the pole for that marker and spin around twice. If you're like me you can never hit it more than once, but that's alright. In the one I got gold on I didn't catch the pole, I had to jump up specifically to grab it. It's not ideal but it can be done if fast enough. Spin around twice and web zip on down the street.
- You want to keep low and web swing through this marker. We want accuracy over speed. This is one exception to the don't jump rule for this race. Jump high.
- Web zip (and you can use the boost here) to the landing marker on a short roof. Try to cover as much ground with web zip as possible as the more time you have to run on that roof to the marker the worse off you'll be.
- Jump and web zip off the roof into a web swing around the corner, catching the marker as you go. It is real important to keep low and accurate on this marker and the next two. Don't jump or you'll waste time in the air.
- Web swing through the next marker and to the next one. Feel free to let go of the web swing early so that you can use the momentum to sail forward. It's a way to keep moving and not need to do extra motions.
- After this one web zip down the street until you see the last pole marker. I was lucky and managed to catch it mid-air. It might be possible to land beneath it and jump up to it quickly, but if you can just catch the pole it makes a big difference. Spin around once and leap off.
- Web swing and aim to be thrust as high into the air as possible. Web zip forward for the building and jump at the right moments. A good aim will drop you right on the stairwell roof. If you miss you can jump up there, but be quick about it.

Race 13 [R13]
0:18.000, 0:32.000, 0:40.000, 0:17.506
- This is another one that features wall run, and thankfully only at the beginning. What you want to do is do a controlled jump, not too high, and put yourself close enough to the wall as you fall to begin wall running down. You'll go through four markers zig-zagging left and right down the wall. To minimize on time running try to just clip the edges of them.
- There is no real good way to do the next part. You need a strong enough jump to leap onto the Oscorp statue, I guess we'll call it. You need to move quickly around it's top to get all three, but be careful. You don't have a lot of room to manuever. If you fall, kiss gold goodbye.
- Once you have the third one web-zip back onto the wall of the building and scurry upwards while you press in on the A button for a jump. One good jump should throw you onto the lower roof where you can land in the final marker.

Race 14 [R14]
0:52.000, 1:08.000, 1:20.000, 0:45.393
Thoughts: This is kind of an erratic race where you need to be annoyingly precise at times, but all in all it took me about ten tries. If I can do it, you can do it.

- Start out by jumping high and web zipping forward. You may need to jump, but that's on a case by case basis. You don't need to land precisely where the marker is. You can actually land on the little platform beneath it.
- Run to the left, jump and web swing around the building towards the next mark. This mark you do have to actually be inside of for it to count. Landing on it can be difficult, but if you land beside it, don't fret you can jump up there fairly quickly.
- A controlled jump towards the next marker. You should be able to make it as simple as that, maybe a double jump.
- Another controlled jump forward and web swing. It's a marker where you have to web swing through it, so you should be fine, but be careful you'll need to squeeze between the building and a water tower.
- With that same swing get yourself high enough to jump over the building just in front of you. This may take a couple of tries to get the positioning right, but you're aiming to land just behind a billboard on a lower roof. You may need to use a double jump to land where you want to.
- Immediately web zip across the street to the building and hit B to wall crawl. You should be able to just scurry up to catch it, but if you feel you're too low try a jump to boost yourself up.
- This next one can be a bit tricky. If you keep going up you'll get to it as it's on the top of a water tower with a tiny place to land. You can try to jump up there from the wall. Personally on the one I won I messed up and had to jump and crawl up to the top, so if you're doing well on time it may not matter that much.
- From the top web zip forward past the rest of the roofs and you'll have a very narrow place with which to aim for--you need to land between two buildings and web swing through the alley through a web swing marker.
- Swing high enough to web zip forward. There will be a red building in front of you, and it will have an alley just in front of it. Your goal is to fall into the alley way and web swing through the next marker.
- Swing up high and jump, you want to try to clear the building in front of you. Web zip past it and you should have a nice free fall towards a parking lot where the final marker is. On the time I got gold I missed the target and had to walk back, but I still had plenty of time to do so.

Race 15 [R15]
0:20.000, 0:40.000, 1:00.000, 0:19.539
Thoughts: This was annoying and seemingly impossible before I read just one huge piece that I was missing in a post at by BUGAJ75 RETURNS. So a round of applause for the advice he willingly gave in a post.

- When you start off you must get to the top of the roof just ahead of you. You can go two ways with getting there. You can hold in A until it's fully charged and make one big jump up there or you can run forward, jump into the wall and hit B, then tap A to jump up further. Both work, the latter is faster but a little more frantic with the button pressing. You don't have to land on the very spot of the marker, you can land on the piece of roof just below it.
- Now hold in A until your jump is fully charged (there's no indicator, you just have to make a guess) and jump up and forward to a mark high in the air. It's best to not need a double jump, but use it if you must.
- Hold forward on your left stick and you should hopefully miss the next piece of roof and fall into the next marker. You need to time a web zip to the building in front of you so that you've just fallen into the marker when you hit for it.
- If you web zipped at the right time you can hit the wall and press B for the web crawl right where the marker begins.
- Scurry up the side of the building, and do one big jump up the side of the building.
- You want only a half charged jump for this next one. You'll land a little before the mark, but that's okay. As you go up into the mark hold down A.
- Now here is where BUGAJ75 RETURNS gets well deserved credit. Make sure you are not holding any button but A and then release A. Spider-Man will jump straight away from the building back towards the area you started. The longer you hold A the further away you'll jump. Arrange the camera so you can see as you're falling and aim for the marker in the center of the building. You should have little problem landing in it.
- Once it registers that you've hit the marker, web zip forward onto the wall and hit B to go into web crawl. Quickly jump up and with any luck you will land in the final marker. I personally missed it slightly and had to walk into it.
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