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Race 16 [R16]
0:28.000, 0:40.000, 1:00.000, 0:27.726

- To begin with run over to the wall to your left and tap B to wall run onto it. Just run through this first mark.
- Keep wall running forward and around the corner. The marker for this wall run is on the opposite wall, but if you can run in just the right place you can get that marker without being on the other wall.
- From here web zip across the street and stick to the side of the building. Quickly jump up and forward onto a raised portion of the roof. Hit to wall run as you approach the far edge of the raised roof and you should run down through the marker and to a lower portion of the roof.
- Run forward to the next wall and wall run up through the marker slightly to your right. If you keep holding LT and B in you can wall run up this without having to hit them again.
- Jump across to the building to the right of this marker. There is a landing marker on top of a vent, but you can walk right next to the vent and still grab it.
- Jump up to the higher portion of roof in front of you and make your way to the far side. Wall run down the side of the building until you've gone through the marker.
- Just keep running forward and holding the buttons in until you go up the opposite wall and through another marker
- You'll start to slow down near the top, that's normal. Once you get close to the top jump up and web zip to the building just ahead of you. Stick to the wall and scurry up. A controlled jump will put you closer to it. You must be wall crawling when you go through this final marker.

Race 17 [R17]
0:32.000, 0:45.000, 1:05.000, 0:30.089

- Your opening salvo will be a web zip (no boost) across the street right into a web crawl in the marker.
- Make a controlled jump towards the marker on your left. A lot of going up and down the building depends on landing right in these markers so you'll need a couple tries to get it right.
- For this next marker you'll need to control jump up towards it, but let go of LT as you do so. Otherwise when you hit B to stick to the wall you'll wall run and screw it up.
- Continue up the building using controlled jumps to land right in the markers. If you land a little outside it's a little bit extra time but you may be able to make it anyway. There are three more markers until the top of the building.
- Once on top of the building one controlled jump will send you towards the top of a tower where your next marker is. I would recommend not trying to jump so high that you can land on the top. Jump just high enough to stick to the side near the top and crawl the rest of the way and grab the marker.
- Jump forward towards the next marker. As you approach the edge of the building let off the run button and tap B to immediately go into a wall crawl and through your next marker.
- There are three more markers zig-zagging down the side of the building. Again controlled jumps should send you near or in the markers.
- Once you are in the last marker let go of all buttons and tap A. Then nudge your left stick forward a couple of taps and you should land inside the final marker.

Race 18 [R18]
0:43.000, 0:50.000, 1:00.000, 0:39.804
Thoughts: I got this on my third try, and with a couple of mistakes made. By now you should really have any skill I have so hopefully it goes as easy for you.

- You're going to start by jumping forward and web swinging as high as you can so that you can web zip over some rooftops. It's a landing marker on the top of a walled in water tower. If you land on the side of the building with B, don't worry you can jump/crawl up to the top.
- Web zip to the next marker which is another landing marker.
- Fall off the side of the building and time your web swing so that you go through the marker. This marker requires you to web swing through it, so you can't simply fall through it.
- Use that same web swing to jump high enough to land inside the next landing marker.
- Double jump up to the next ledge, and the ledge after that, and then wall run up that wall through the wall run marker to the next ledge.
- Web zip your way through the web zip/web swing marker just ahead of you. It make take a couple of zips, but it should also propel you...
- your next marker, a landing marker on a ledge of a building.
- Double jump up to land in the next landing marker on another ledge of the building.
- Jump up to the top of the building where your final marker, a landing marker, is between two air ducts. You can get this if you stand on top of either duct as well so it's more important to get there than it is to be precise in landing between the ducts.

Race 19 [R19]
0:18.000, 0:25.000, 0:30.000, 17.644
Thoughts: Simple, but short enough to perhaps cause a headache.

- Start by running forward and hold B as you approach the edge to wall run down through the first marker.
- The next one, still a wall running one, will be off to the right. The next one back on the central wall, and the final wall running mark on the left. Just maintain control of your run and you'll be fine.
- Once you've gone through the last one jump out towards the street and begin web zipping down the street. If you can zip through the marker in the middle of the air go for it. I needed to slow down with a web swing to make it through. Proper boosting will make or break gold on this one.
- Keep web zipping, but be aware the final marker is on the top of a ceiling for some stairs and so it may require you to be rather precise in your landing. When I got gold I actually missed slightly to the left but still somehow went through it for it to count. So there's a little programming grace.

Race 20 [R20]
0:44.000, 1:00.000, 1:10.000, 0:43.364
Thoughts: This one really requires you to make very little mistakes. You need to be precise on a lot of it, so this may take a few tries.

- To start off jump and web zip forward through the first marker.
- Then continue to web zip down the street until you approach the corner. You'll want to stay low for the next two. The marker is real close to the low roof that it's on and this can make timing your web swing around the corner difficult for grabbing it but that's your mission. - Use that web swing to swing around the corner and web zip closer to the next marker. It's in much the same position as the last one so the strategy for the above marker applies.
- Web zip down the street and there will be a web zip/web swing marker in mid-air. While you may be able to web zip through it you need to get up higher so web swing through.
- Swing high and web zip forward. Your next marker is a landing marker on a narrow platform in front of a billboard. A well placed web zip will take you directly into the billboard so that you can land effortlessly on the platform. It may take some practice to aim that well. Run forward and through the marker.
- As soon as you can jump and web zip forward. You're going to want to get low so space out the web zips so that you get closer to the ground. Your target is a pole marker. If you can grab it in mid-air, good for you. I did it once by a fluke, but when I got the gold I landed beneath it and had to jump up to it. Hold RT in and tap LT for a boost until you've gone around four times then web zip onwards.
- Probably about mid-zip you're going to want to change to a web swing through the next marker, and plan to use it to jump high and get around the corner of the nearby building.
- Once high enough web zip forward towards the landing marker ahead of you. A couple good zips should put you close enough to land on the marker.
- Jump forward and web swing quickly and just high enough to clear the lower roof section of the building in front of you and then web zip forward. Don't get too high with the swing or you'll be too high to web zip and might as well restart. Try to land inside, but when I got gold I landed just outside and had a little bit of time to step into the marker.
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