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Race 21 [R21]
0:33.000, 0:55.000, 1:20.000, 0:31.852
Thoughts: This one doesn't leave room for mistakes. You must be near perfect throughout it all and it's going to feel like you have done one big combo of manuevers rather than connecting a lot of little pieces like previous races.

- To begin with run forward and jump high. Web zip towards the marker in the air and start a web swing through it. If you're like me you hold down the A button for high jumps, and that's bad for this one. Don't hold in A. You want a jump that just clears the vents on the roof in front of you.
- Web zip through the marker on this roof.
- If you did the previous one right you should fly forward towards a roof in front of you. You may need to hold up on the left stick to get yourself as far forward as possible. When you land go left into a wall run through the marker.
- The right timing on letting go of your wall run could drop you right on the middle air duct where a landing marker is. If not you can run on the roof right up against the duct for it to count.
- You can either do a charged jump and possible double jump up to the next landing marker or you can do two moderate jumps, one to the first level and the second to the second level to land inside the marker.
- Run forward and charge your jump. Leap high and web zip forward through the marker ahead of you.
- You'll need a jump in order to sail right past this roof without hitting it, and towards a marker on the side of the building in front of you. If you think you're not going to make it to the marker web zip into it.
- If you haven't used your jump in flight already from your last web zip use it now and with any luck you'll make it onto the roof in front of you.
- Run forward until you see a little alley way on the roof where a web zip/web swing marker is. Drop into this hole and swing forward.
- You need to jump and land on the landing marker on top of the water tower in front of you. If you miss it, restart.
- As tempting as it may be to web zip to the next marker, web swing there instead. Web zipping will just send you right past it, but web swinging is slower and easier to land on top or at least on the side. When I got gold I landed on the side of it and quickly crawled on top.
- From here web zip to the next and final marker. Again it's on top of a water tower so precision is key.

Race 22 [R22]
0:40.000, 1:10.000, 1:40.000, 0:37.076
Thoughts: Many, many people consider this amongst the hardest races in the game. So don't be surprised if you get frustrated. I can't tell you the number of times I restarted it. It's all a matter of getting each bit down little by little. Patience is absolutely a requirement but once you get everything to go your way you can beat this with a few seconds to spare.

- To start with web zip forward. Some will say with boost, some without. I say with for this one. You may need to fiddle with the left stick in order to land inside the landing marker.
- Now this isn't exactly scientific, and to be honest I don't know if all the buttons I press even matter but it seems to do what I want it to. As you land tap LT and then A quickly. This should send you rolling across the next rooftop piece and to the next marker. Now this is a little chaotic so it's easy to go past it or to the side or hit the water tower. If you do any of that restart. You may also hit the side of the roof piece with the marker, if so just stick onto it and quickly get up there.
- Then do a controlled jump to the next marker. It's a wall run marker so you want to aim to hit the wall and wall run without ever touching the ground.
- If you time it right you can jump off the wall and land right into the next marker. Sometimes you don't make it, and you can survive this if you quickly get up there via jump or climb.
- From here you want to make one good jump forward to the next podium. Like with many of these there's a chance you'll fall short. If you can stick to the wall and just quickly climb up that really doesn't take too long so it's a viable fix.
- Web zip forward towards the building you started on. Now here is where a good aim will be necessary, you want to web zip yourself towards the wall run. Every second counts so the more on target you are the better. The very second it registers that marker web swing away.
- You want to try to land on the next marker. I wouldn't advise jumping high so you have room to manuever, it's better to unfortunately land before the mark and have to jump or climb up to it. Neither are preferable, but it's better than a high jump.
- One good jump forward places you on the next marker, and this is where, if you've gotten practice, you're basically in the home stretch.
- From here, repeat Step 3 to Step 6.
- Swing around that big building and land in the court yard. I've heard some people say they zipped down there, I personally just dropped close to the entrance and ran into the marker.

Race 23 [R23]
0:45.000, 1:10.000, 1:40.000, 0:44.196
Thoughts: What is most critical of this race is the use of blind web zips, and all markers but the very final one require you to web swing through them. I'll be honest I forget if I used the boosts on these web zips, so you'll need to experiment. A few tries should tell you whether to use it or not.

- Start by web zipping forward. You may need to manuever mid-air around the corner of the building in front of you as there's a strong tendency for Spider-Man to smack off it. Once close enough to marker web swing through it and to the right. You want to aim to get a bit of height towards the end of the swing.
- Now blind web zip to your right. The camera should adjust in time for you to web swing through the next marker and to your right. If you hit the building during the web zip or go off in some cock-eyed direction just restart.
- Aim for the narrow alley between the two buildings. It's a lot easier to do than it seems. Web swing through it and you want to try to let go so as to go more forward than up as you try to clear the sign on the next building.
- You may need a jump to clear the roof. You might be able to run forward if you land on the roof and still get gold, but it'll be close. Web swing through the next marker and again aim more for going forward than up.
- Web swing through this marker between the buildings and this time aim for getting high and far enough out to avoid the building to your right.
- Blind web zip again to your right and the camera should adjust in time for you to see the marker. Web swing through it and again aim to jump high for the next one.
- Web swing through and aim for a moderation of forward and up as you come out of this web swing.
- Swing around the buildings and aim for the marker on the top of the building. I found it easier to be inside of the marker before I hit to web swing forward.
- Use this swing to go forward into the tall building ahead of you. As you approach this blind web zip to your left, and this will take some practice but you want to blind web zip to your left again once you've cleared the building. Web swing through this next marker and try to get some height for the next marker.
- Web zip along until you get close to the next marker and then web swing through it.
- You'll want to keep going forward and falling. It can be a pain to time swinging through this one so that you don't touch the roof, which will slow you down. Practice makes perfect, and once you've swung through this try to balance going forward and going up.
- Web zip forward, with boosting, until you're near the end. Obviously you want to aim to land inside of the wall-crawl marker and hold the left stick up while repeatedly hitting B. If you land outside of the marker, the best you can do is scurry into it as quickly as possible and hope.

Race 24 [R24]
0:45.000, 1:00.000, 1:20.000, 0:44.762
Thoughts: Just to get it out of the way now: All markers in this race, except for the final one, are plain markers that just require you to go through it.

- Start by running forward and free falling until you can web zip, without boost, forward. Aim to fall into or just before the marker so that you can web swing through it.
- Now here is where I can't be of much help. It's just a lot of luck, stringing together web zips with and without boosts and web swinging to get from place to place. Try to stay above the trees during long distances, shorter distances you might be able to get away with just zipping through the trees. Blind zips may well save you.
- At the end it is most vital to land in the marker. Sorry I can't be much more help with this one, but it's a pretty open field for getting to Point A to Point B.
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