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Race 25 [R25]
0:42.000, 0:58.000, 1:14.000, 0:41.102

- Hold the run button and rush forward. Just as you begin to fall web zip forward and jump as quick as you can.
- This next one can be amongst the more annoying parts in this race and if not done right can cost you gold. You want to try to get a web swing at just the right moment to just barely go through the marker and swing high into the air to the left.
- If you aren't already out into the streets web zip forward. Once out into the streets blind web zip to your right. Use a web swing to dip down to grab the marker and use the swing to launch yourself forward and high into the air.
- Continue web zipping down the street, be cautious of zig-zagging too much. As you approach the building just before the next marker you'll want a relatively slow web swing around so that you can aim to go through the marker.
- Web zip forward towards the next marker. I had an unfortunate tendency to land just before it and around the corner. Holding the run button can let you just run around the corner quickly if need be. It's a landing marker so you just need to run through it. Be aware, in my experience, if you aren't here in twenty seconds or under your pizza is free. Also you won't get gold.
- As tempting as it is to wall run up to the next marker, just jump and run through it.
- Again just jump up to the next marker.
- Web zip forward. You may need to hold back on the left stick to slow yourself down so you land inside the next marker. When I got gold I landed just after it and had to step back to get it so it's not absolutely vital to land in it, but it would help.
- Again web zip towards the next marker, you might not want to use boost.
- Use a controlled jump up to the next marker. If you hit the wall before the marker stick to the wall with B and get up there quickly.
- From here it is a lot of controlled jumps like the last one. A total of five more markers, all requiring controlled jumps. Not much more I can offer except that the last one is a pain as you need to blind jump essentially. It's very easy to get the rhythm of what to do, it's just a matter of doing things quickly enough.

Race 26
0:50.000, 1:00.000, 1:15.000, 0:48.821

- Start by web zipping forward, without a boost. For some reason Spider-Man kept trying to take me to the right so I had to aim back towards the left to land.
- Web zip on to the next one. You may need a second web zip, without boost, and a bit of fiddling with the left stick to slow down to land in it. If you land beside it, don't worry, you can walk beside it and still get the marker.
- Web zip on to the next one. Nothing to really say about it.
- Run along to the end and just jump up to the next one.
- Once there web zip on towards the next one. As you approach the building just before it go into a web swing and aim for the marker. You may need to jump to get yourself time to land in the marker.
- Web swing from here and give yourself a mix of forward and high out of this web swing. Web zip without boost towards the next one. I had some trouble landing on this, and more often than not had to stick to the wall. That's really no big deal.
- Web swing to the next one. You'll need a jump mid-air to give yourself time to aim for the landing.
- Run forward and again web swing. You want to aim for more height than forward as you come out of it, and web zip with or without boost towards the next marker. You'll need to fiddle with the left stick to slow yourself down. Again, you don't need to be on the marker but beside the vent will suffice.
- A good controlled jump to the next marker. I had some difficulty landing in this one as well, but one can simply crawl up or do an additional jump onto it.
- Now web zip over to the final marker. I've done it with and without web boost. You want to make sure you're in control for it though as it is very easy to over shoot the final marker and that will cost you gold.

Race 27 [R27]
0:32.000, 0:45.000, 1:00.000, 0:31.653

- Begin by web zipping forward, without boost. Hold down on the left stick to slow down so that you land inside the marker.
- Run forward and jump across the alley and run through the next marker.
- Go as far forward as possible before dropping into the alley and you'll just need to get an idea of when to hit for the web swing. You want to time leaving the web swing so that you have a mix of forward and height.
- Run through the next marker.
- Just drop off the building in front of you and when you're about level with the marker web zip through it. You'll need to stick on the wall in front of you and climb up.
- Run forward and kind of gradually go up into the wall run.
- Towards the end of the wall jump and web zip forward. If you're real lucky you'll zip right on top of the roof and just have to keep running forward through the marker. If not stick to the wall, climb up and run through the next marker.
- I had some troubles in these alleys. I don't advise web zips, but if you can keep control use them. Web swing through this marker and jump high as you come out of it.
- Zip forward towards the next marker and try to land in the marker with a wall run.
- Quickly jump off into the alley and web swing through the next marker.
- You want to really aim for more forward than height as you come out of the web swing as you need to go a little ways on this momentum. There may be a fence that keeps you from sailing right into the marker so you may need to jump.

Race 28 [R28]
0:45.000, 0:55.000, 1:05.000, 0:44.196

- Start off with a controlled jump up onto the small building ahead of you and into the marker.
- Web zip towards the next marker and when you're close enough web swing through it do so.
- When you leave the swing aim for a mix of height and forward as you need to get on top of that next building. You may not clear the wall every time, but it doesn't hurt much to stick near the top and climb up.
- Quickly turn around (in fact I usually had the time to adjust the camera with me) and jump off. Web swing slowly around the corner and drop. When you feel the time is right web swing again through the marker and aim to leave it with a fair amount of height.
- Web zip forward once and you should have enough time to fiddle with the left stick however you feel you need to in order to land in the marker.
- From here repeat Step 2 through Step 5.
- And then repeat Step 2 through Step 4.
- Now you'll web zip forward again, but this time you're aiming to land in a wall crawl on the side of the building. When I got gold I landed in front of it and ran into it. I don't know if I tapped B and it registered that I tapped it before Spider-Man actually wall crawled or not as it showed Spider-Man just standing there.

Race 29 [R29]
0:40.000, 1:00.000, 1:20.000, 0:39.168

- Run forward and jump off the side off the roof into the alley below. Use a web swing at the right moment to swing through the marker and propel yourself across the street into the next alley.
- Here is perhaps the most vital part of all in this race. You need to jump in mid-air to carry yourself through to the wall-running part. You want to land in a wall run and run along the wall to grab the first two wall run markers.
- You'll notice you're slowing down, and that's normal. As you come around that second corner begin to hold down the A button because we're going into a brand new kind of marker--wall jump. When you're in the middle of the marker release the A button to jump into the alley.
- Hit for a web swing before you land and launch yourself high. Web swing or web zip through the next marker.
- Allow yourself to descend towards the end of the alley and swing around the corner to your left. You want to get fairly low for this one. You can web swing or web zip through it, whatever tickles your fancy.
- I had trouble with this next corner and I sometimes had to land in order to manuever into the alley. Swing through here, keeping fairly low. As you come around the corner in the alley to exit launch yourself high with a web swing.
- Web zip forward, with or without boost, and fiddle with the left stick so that you come down in the alley in front of you where your next marker is.
- Web swing out of this and if you can manuever with your web swing to go around the corner into the next alley go for it. I personally did a free fall until I was in position. Web swing through this next marker and launch yourself high.
- Web zip, and you may need to do it blindly, over the buildings to your right. You'll enter a free fall towards the final marker that requires you to wall crawl. If you're lucky you'll just land in the marker and hit B to stick to the wall. I hit a bit high and had to crawl into it.
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