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Race 30 [R30]
0:37.000, 0:50.000, 1:10.000, 0:32.318
Thoughts: Oh, difficult races. I was hoping we were done with you. This is reminiscent of Race 22 where you have to be painfully precise. One tip some people had was that if you got close enough to the chimneys it would register that you went through the marker, but I didn't find that it really helped much. You want at all times to land on the chimney stack, but if you have to land in a wall crawl on the side it is not the end of the world.

- Start by web zipping forward. You may need to fiddle with the left stick to slow yourself down. This
- Make your way along from chimney to chimney web zipping without boost. Slowing yourself down is critical so as not to overshoot your targets. Continue this for three more markers. It is important that by the time of the third chimney stack that you not be too far past ten seconds.
- On the top of this last marker charge your jump and jump as high as you can. Web zip over this building and on to the next one.
- For the next one do a controlled jump over to it. It's not horrifying to run closer to it before jumping.
- Continue as you did in Step 2 for two more markers.
- On top of this final chimney stack what you want to do is jump as high as you can and then web zip twice towards the final marker high in the air, performing jumps to make sure you get there.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Hard Races [HAR]

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Race 31 [R31]
1:00.000, 1:10.000, 1:20.000, 0:58.038
Thoughts: For the first hard race we're doing this could have been so much worse. In fact I was expecting all of these hard races to be much, much harder. There's a few more headaches in this batch, but it could have been so much worse.

- Start off by running forward and web zipping forward. It will take a few zips forward to get to our destination. Now as much as instinct tells us we want to web swing through the marker here I've never been able to do that. Web zip through or land before it and jump through it.
- After you're through it, by zip or by jump, web swing and aim to get height. You may need a second web swing to get high enough, and then web zip forward towards your next marker. This next one is a web swing marker so do as it demands and web swing through.
- You want to aim so that you hit the wall and head upwards with the wall run through the marker, and through the second marker. Slowing down is a definite concern and if you feel you're slowing down too much charge a jump and jump up the building.
- The final wall marker here is a wall jump, and like last time we want to charge our jump as we're coming at it so that all we have to do is release the button to get that marker.
- One good web zip, with or without boost, will send you onto the next building with a landing marker. The marker is on an air duct, but you can run along the side of it to grab the marker and that's exactly what you want to do for the sake of time.
- Keep running forward and jump forward. You may experience a lot of free fall before you're able to activate the web zip, but that is precisely what you want to do. Web zip forward until you're approaching a big building on the right and then you want to go into a web swing, without boost, to slow yourself down. Free fall out of it with forward momentum and when you're in the right position web swing through the marker. If you need to use a jump to get close enough go ahead and do so.
- Swing around to your right and web zip forward. At some point you need to fall long enough to get under the bridge. A good web zip here will bring you through this marker and under your next one.
- In all likelihood you'll have to land before you can jump up to the pole. That's no big deal, just jump up and begin pumping LT to boost yourself around the pole eight times.
- When you're finished you want to jump back over the top of the bridge and one good web zip forward will send you through the final marker.

Race 32 [R32]
1:02.000, 1:18.000, 1:30.000, 1:01.731
Thoughts: This is considered one of the most difficult races in the game. And I questioned that it could be as bad as people said it was. It was. It took me two days of non-stop trying to get this thing. You have nearly no room for mistakes and even doing everything perfectly you may still not make it. Before getting gold on it I failed to get gold with .596, .167, and .097 extra. Thankfully for you, I'm here to take some of the guess work out.

- You're going to start off by jumping forward off the building. There's not a whole lot you can do about this beginning. It's going to eat up a few seconds just in free fall. Web swing forward just a bit as soon as you can and try to arrange it so Spider-Man is falling as close to the corner of the street as possible. When you're in range you want to web swing through the marker.
- As you come out of the web swing launch yourself high and give yourself one good web zip down the street. You want to land in front of the building and run into the building with the wall run and go through the marker.
- Continue along the wall towards the wall jump while charging the A button for a jump. I cannot stress enough you want to come into this from beneath the marker so that when you do jump you'll jump straight up.
- Blind web swing behind you, and you may wish to do that without the boost. Launch yourself at the wall with the wall run and wall run across it. I cannot stress enough not hitting for the wall run while descending, you'll begin running straight down and lose gold because of it. As you trigger the marker jump and web zip across the street.
- Ideally you want to land on the level just below the marker, but if you have to scramble up to that point it isn't the end of the world. Jump up and web zip forward through the marker towards the next one.
- If you need to use a jump to keep yourself high enough for this next marker. Try to wait as long as possible before using web swing as Spider-Man has a tendency to sharply turn upwards if you do it too soon. And this is a web swing marker so you must web swing through it.
- Web zip forward until the street below you is approaching, then switch to a web swing and turn around the corner, launching yourself towards the pole swing marker. If you absolutely must land, don't take long to jump up to the pole. I stress getting good at aiming for the pole as that will save you time. Swing around twice and jump off in the same direction you were heading.
- Web swing sharply to your left. Odds are you're going to hit the side of the building, and you probably want that as you can control Spider-Man a bit easier coming from a somewhat dead stop like that. Get up onto the roof and angle your run at the wall run so that you head off to the right.
- Now this was annoying and took a while to perfect; you have to stay in that little strip of wall as you run to the wall jump. It's real easy to accidentally go to the left or right. If you accidentally go to the right you might be able to get back onto the wall in time, but more often than not it's time to restart. For the wall jump you can charge A or you can just tap it, that's your call. I personally just tapped it.
- If you charged A you're likely on a little roof in front of you, just web zip through the marker onto the next marker. If you just tapped A you fell to the roof below, quickly run around the little building in front of you and jump up, web zipping through the marker to the next roof.
- No matter how you got here you want to run into the wall with just the right angle. You want it so that you can turn to the left as you go through this first wall run marker and down the same wall into the alley through the second wall run marker. You don't have to be on the same wall as the second one to trigger it, so don't worry about that.
- There is no good way that I found for this next one. I really just kind of played pinball through the alley with web swings. On the web swing that does take you through the marker, however, you should launch yourself high.
- Web zip forward around the building and aim for the hotel sign on the building. Again, watch your coming down while hitting wall run as doing so will send you running down and away from your goal. But hit that wall running.
- Hopefully you ran up the wall and not the sign. If you did it on the sign, just scramble into wall crawling. If you did it on the building launch yourself high and switch to wall crawling. Either way just keep jumping until you're on top. You don't have to land precisely on the landing marker to trigger it, you can land beside the little rooftop it's on.
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