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Race 33 [R33]
1:04.000, 1:18.000, 1:26.000, 1:03.028

- Start by jumping straight up with just a momentary charge and web zip, without boost, forward to the first marker. You may need to hold back on the left analog stick to keep from over shooting.
- Another momentary charged jump and web zip, without boost, to the next marker.
- Begin to run forward and jump towards the next marker, maybe making a double jump to land correctly. No need for a web zip.
- Repeat the same action as the last marker. Sometimes I don't get enough of a charge and have to jump on the guide wire (?) between the two markers. Not a big deal if you move fast enough.
- Step off into the inside of the bridge and web zip forward. As you approach the web swing guessed it...web swing through it. You should be able to carry this momentum forward to the next marker. You might need to use a jump to slow down so that you can zero in on landing.
- Jump up and web zip, without boost, forward and land on the on the marker.
- From here follow the same basic big jump techniques as before for the next three markers. I know these can be a bit of a pain making sure you don't fall off the edge, but the more practice you get the easier it becomes.
- Once on the final one jump over the edge (don't just fall, you'll land on the side walk of the bridge) and go into web swinging. Web swing with boost and try to lower yourself to the water just enough that you can swing through without going into the water. I, personally, did not accomplish that when I got gold, so you can recover, but it certainly gives you more breathing room if you can just swing through.
- If you fell into the water you can try to jump high back into a swing and forward far enough to start web zipping forward and through the next marker. If you managed to just barely go through it you should be able to start web zipping forward and through the next marker.
- Keep web zipping forward until you're close to the next marker. Traffic is a pain, I've hit tall trucks that stopped me from getting gold. There's not much you can do about it, but maybe try to land on those and incorporate it into your movements. Web swing through this and launch yourself forward and high as you come out of it.
- Web zip forward until you've gone through the marker, simple as that.
- Fall just enough to get out from under the ridge of the bridge and enter into a web swing. Try to launch yourself as high as possible without the use of the jump. Jumping just costs extra seconds. You should land in the marker or on the building before the marker. If you land before it just jump over to it quickly.

Race 34 [R34]
1:00.000, 1:12.000, 1:20.000, 0:57.638
Thoughts: Okay we get a brand new type of marker in this one, and one that will make you want to pull your hair out at first. It's a simple enough race, but it's just a little luck on that one marker that can frustrate you.

- Start off my running forward just beyond the corner of the building in front of you and jumping into a web swing. From there begin web zipping forward. You want to try to keep yourself about the same height as the building in front of you, maybe just a little lower as you jerk up when you web zip. Ideally you want to web zip under the billboard. Easier said that done, but it can make all the difference in the world.
- Once you're past that marker use a web swing to bring yourself around the corner and begin web zipping towards the next marker. It's a web swing marker so as you get near it you need to fall out of the web zip and into a web swing through it.
- Use that web swing to launch yourself high and towards the next marker. You may need a jump or web zip depending on your distance from it, that's all up to you to figure out in each attempt. Once you're on the ledge just run forward and quickly wall run for just a moment.
- Now web swing away and towards the new marker. This one can be tricky to attach to because you must attach to the marker itself and do a verticle loop around it. I can't offer much advice right now as to when is a good time to do it. The shorter your web the better, but too close means that he won't attach to it. Once attached pump LT to spin yourself around. If you spend too much time on this just restart as wasted time here can cost you gold.
- Once it has registered the last marker and you're swinging in the direction of your next target begin to web zip around the building in front of you. To the left or right really doesn't matter. As you approach the marker you need to drop out of zips so that you lower yourself to it and then web swing through.
- If you can launch yourself high, that's a good start. Either way web zip forward onto the building and give yourself a big jump up to the marker. Technically you don't have to land in it, just go through it.
- Continue jumping up higher until you go through the next marker.
- Once more jump as high as you can and this time aim to go into a wall run further up on the building. You may need to jump if you're on one of the protruding walls and wall run again through the marker.
- Give yourself a web zip without boost across this ledge and wall run through the marker and down the wall.
- Just keep going down the wall in the wall run, you'll go through two more markers.
- Once you've gone through the second marker let go of LT and jump. Web zip towards the building. If you land on the side just quickly jump up, otherwise you've hopefully landed on the top. Get into that marker quickly, which ever way you got there.

Race 35 [R35]
0:42.000, 0:55.000, 1:05.000, 0:40.337
Thoughts: Okay, this one isn't bad at all. The end is a bit of a noggin scratcher, mostly as to why they put it like that, but it's nothing you can't do.

- Start my jumping up and web zipping forward, without boost. As you approach the marker you want to web swing so that you just kinda pass through the marker and to your right.
- Still in this same web swing you've swung towards the next one. Now where you are all depends on how sharply you've turned. Sometimes it's a little bit in front of you and sometimes, like when I got gold, I kinda did a slight U turn to grab it. If you turned sharply web zip to and through the marker.
- If you had to do the U turn let go of the swing and jump up before web zipping through the next marker, if you didn't have to U turn you should jump after the web zip that took you through the marker and web zip through the next marker. You may wish to not use boost as you might go a bit past where you're intending.
- As you approach the next one just web swing through it, very simple.
- Use that web swing to launch yourself over the tracks to the other side. You may need to jump to give yourself time to judge your height and adjust the camera. Web zip through this next marker.
- Web zip through the next marker.
- You should have landed in front of the next one on the tracks. Just quickly wall run up and let go.
- Web zip forward to the next wall run marker and again just quickly wall run up it and let go. If you want you can try to web swing out of this one to grab the next marker.
- Run forward and jump high, swinging through this marker. Launch yourself high and aim for the wall run. Remember not to be going downwards when you hit for the wall run. Use jump if you need to correct your trajectory. Tap B to go into the wall run and go through the marker.
- Run around the corner of the building and tap A.
- However you do it, get down into the streets under the bridge and just quickly run through the marker while holding down A to charge a jump.
- Jump high and web swing forward until you can web zip through this marker.
- This should take you to the end of the bridge where you need to tap B as you go to the end of the bridge to wall run down it...
- ...and immediately jump back up onto the bridge before you've fallen down. Get to the landing marker and you're done.
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