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Race 36 [R36]
0:36.000, 0:50.000, 1:00.000, 0:31.652

- Start by running forward and charged jumping into a wall run through the first marker.
- You want to angle your web zip, without boost, towards the alley with the second marker. You want to fall all the way down into it and catch yourself in time to swing through the marker. Use this swing to send yourself forward and high.
- Web zip, without boost, forward a bit to cut out some of the time on the wall and wall run just long enough to get the marker.
- From here angle the web zip again so that you sail right into the alley and catch yourself with a web swing through the marker.
- Use this swing to launch yourself just high enough to clear the building and then web zip without boost over it and once more aim to swing through the marker.
- As you come out of this swing try to keep low, your next marker is low to the ground and there is no point in going high just to come down low. Swing through the marker.
- And use this swing to again launch yourself forward and high. Web zip forward towards the wall run marker and again you want to spend as little time actually wall running so wait until you're as close as possible to do it.
- Web zip again towards the next marker, but this time you want to give yourself a little time before the marker as you need time to press A in the wall jump.
- From here fall just enough that you can web swing through this next marker.
- And use that web swing to launch yourself onto the final marker. Just to show you how easy this can really be once you know what to do, I got gold on this originally at 0:33.882. When I went back through just to write the guide for it, despite my constant pausing to read and type, I beat the old record with 0:31.652.

Race 37 [R37]
0:46.000, 1:00.000, 1:10.000, 0:45.361

- Begin by running forward and wall running up the wall and through the first two wall run markers.
- By now you're probably slowing down so tap A to jump and go right back into your wall run. As you enter the wall jump marker tap A and web zip yourself across to the next roof.
- When I got gold I took my time to adjust the camera, so feel free to do that if you feel you can do so quickly. Run to the edge and hold B as you go over. Just tapping it might make you fall. Wall run down through the next two markers and take a left turn on the building for the third one.
- Now I could never turn sharp enough to go back up the building so I would fall to the streets and wall run back up. If you can keep on the building go for it. Otherwise start from the streets again and run up through two run markers until you're on the top of the building.
- Web zip towards the next one, and as you approach the wall with the marker on a downward trajectory go into your wall run and go through the marker.
- As soon as you can go into a web swing. Again it was a little like pinball getting through there, but ultimately you'll go through the marker and into the streets.
- From here just web zip to the final marker.

Race 38 [R38]
0:56.000, 1:04.000, 1:16.000, 0:52.780
Thoughts: You're going to be doing web zipping in tight quarters. On this building you want to save that for when you have the long straight stretches, don't try to do it around the corners. When you go to do web zips in these tight spaces do a small jump first otherwise there is a chance you may shoot over your marker.

- Run forward a bit and web zip forward. Jump as you approach the building to keep air-born and web zip forward again through the first marker.
- You may need another web zip to keep going forward to the outside of the building. When you get outside web swing through the marker and around the edge of the building.
- Release and when you're either inside or near the next marker web swing through it.
- Odds are you don't have enough space to warrant a web zip so just quickly run through this marker.
- When you've come around the corner web zip through the next marker.
- You should have continued on just outside the building at which point you want to web swing to your right and high. If you opt to jump out of the swing, web zip into the marker. I just rode the web swing until I hit the wall and wall crawled/jumped up. Either way make it to this marker by either of those means.
- Head around the corner and web zip forward. You'll probably need a second one to make it to the marker hanging in mid-air, and once you've triggered the marker blind web zip backwards towards the building.
- Not much you can do with the blind web zip other than hope you're lucky enough to be shot back into the building. Web zip along, go around the corner and web zip again through the next marker.
- Like with Step 6, once you make it past the building you want to web swing to your right and high. Whichever method causes you to get to the marker, do it.
- Go around the corner and web zip forward. You can either try to go right into the wall run, which might result in your going through but falling out of the building, in which case just scramble back in whatever fashion is quick for you--when I got gold I had to do this. Or you can fiddle with the left stick to slow yourself down to land before the wall run and then go into the wall run--this will mean you're slower but you can have more control.
- If you're already in the wall run just continue to the next wall run marker and once done just drop out of it. If you had to scramble back in just quickly tap for the wall run and then drop out of it.
- Web zip along this first corridor, around the corner and web zip again. I highly advise fiddling with the stick to stop yourself before going into this wall run so that you can control yourself better.
- Once you've triggered the wall run marker jump and web zip to the final marker floating in the air. If you miss low, start over. If you missed to a side you can keep trying to blind web zip until you go through it but you may well need to restart.
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