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Race 39 [R39]
1:00.000, 1:08.000, 1:16.000, 0:58.636
Thoughts: We're introduced to a new form of headache in this one: The Orbit Marker. It is like the loop marker, but instead of spinning around in a verticle fashion we do so in a horizontal fashion. Boost at the apex, and don't be afraid to just attach to one and swing around it for a few minutes. For practice. The bronze is only 1:16, so doing that for a few minutes will get you gold in the long run, but for that

- Jump to either side of the pole in front of you, it really doesn't matter which direction as you're going to be coming back the way you came. If it matters to you, I went to the left.
- As that marker triggers it's always good to time your release so that you go flying towards the next marker. I could never do it consistently. When I got gold I landed on the roof and ran to the edge. Once in the air web zip over to the next marker, you'll probably need a jump to get yourself high enough to land in the marker.
- From here jump off towards the next orbit marker and web zip closer. No matter where you start here it is advantageous to go around to the left as when you release you'll launch towards the next marker.
- If you released a bit late, as I often did, and are near the big building on the right feel free to web zip towards or web swing off it to get yourself closer to the next orbit marker. If you didn't get near it jump so as to carry yourself closer to it and then begin the orbit. You can go left or right here, but left will give you more of a straight shot to the next marker.
- Release and aim for the alley between the buildings. Try to let Spider-Man stay in the air as much as possible without going under the marker. Web swing through the marker and give yourself a bit of height as you come out of it.
- This last swing should give you enough time to get into or near the web swing marker where you web swing through it.
- After this web swing you'll probably need another one to make it to the next orbit. You definitely want to go around to the left when you get to the orbit.
- Launching yourself out of that orbit to the loop, you want to get close as possible to this loop before you web swing. If the line is too long you'll bounce off the building. I can't give much advice as to when to do it. But if you can attach to the loop from the direction you're coming from you should trigger it a little after the apex of the loop.
- Release your web and this should launch you downwards towards the next marker. You're aiming for a very narrow alley but you should be fine, in all the times I did this I only missed once. At the appropriate time web swing through and launch yourself high. You want to clear the building in front of you if at all possible, though I failed to do that when I got gold.
- Web zip your way forward towards the billboard ahead and land in a wall crawl. If you land low and end up behind the billboard, don't worry. Just jump up and stick to the back of the billboard, it still counts.

Race 40 [R40]
0:54.000, 1:04.000, 1:16.000, 0:53.313

- Jump up and web zip forward, you'll probably need a jump to give yourself a little room to land.
- From here just one good jump over to the next landing marker.
- Web swing off from this piece of roof and swing into the alley between the buildings. You want to just release the web swing button and get sent through the marker.
- Web swing around to your right and it's preferable to have as straight of a shot between all the buildings as possible. Sometimes it isn't possible, but that's your goal. One good web zip forward can bring you remarkably near the marker for you to web swing through.
- Use this swing to launch yourself high and with a jump. This gives you time as you rise and fall to turn the camera in the direction of the marker. When you're level with the wall the wall run marker is on web zip forward and into the marker. As you're coming into the marker it's helpful to hold the A button so that when you trigger the marker you jump off.
- That jump can be important in avoiding a bunch of banners in the alley below. I can't do much to help you time the web swing, but you need to web swing through and jump out of the swing so that you clear the building.
- Web zip forward, probably without boost, and into the wall run, through the marker.
- If you're lucky you'll go around the corner, if you're a bit unlucky you'll fall off the building once through the marker. Either way web zip towards the wall with the next marker and this time we want to wait until we have downward momentum before going into the wall run.
- Now there may be an easier way to do this, but I just ran to the pole swinging marker and jumped into it. Remember to pump LT to go around faster.
- Once that marker is complete swing out of it and towards the next marker. You might want a web zip to zip through the marker.
- Web swing towards the alley and through the next marker.
- Keep the camera as straight as possible down the alley as you either use the momentum from the swing to launch yourself at the next marker or web zip to the marker.
- Having kept the camera straight you should be good to hold down on the left analog stick and blind web zip right back where you came from. Not hitting the walls of the building can be critical to not wasting time. Just web zip yourself down the street until you can land in the marker.

Race 41 [R41]
0:46.000, 0:54.000, 1:02.000, 0:41.834
Thoughts: This one is a breeze. It took me maybe five tries.

- Begin by running to the edge and holding down B as you go over the edge. Let off of B once you're on this face, and after you go through the marker and are heading towards the next edge tap it again. It's real tempting to try to fix the camera as it rotates, but just leave it alone and work with it. Continue on down through the next one and let go of all buttons.
- Jump up onto the next ledge and repeat step one except for the final direction of letting go of all buttons.
- Web swing forward and launch yourself as far forward as you can. A web zip without boost, and probably fiddling with the left stick, will land you in or near the landing marker.
- Run forward and jump into the air, web swing forward and web swing for a second time through the marker.
- Use this swing to launch yourself high and onto the roof of the building in front of you. If you hit the wall stick to it and jump up. Run forward through the marker and enter a web swing.
- Use this swing to launch yourself at the roof of the next building. You might need a jump to sail onto there. The next two markers are on vents, just run along beside them to grab them.
- Run to the end of the building and web zip forward towards the building in front of you. Once you've started falling down enter a wall run and hold in A. Once you're inside the web jump marker release A.
- Web zip across to the wall with the wall crawl marker and fall just long enough to enter into the marker and tap B while pressing into the building.

Race 42 [R42]
0:47.000, 0:56.000, 1:10.000, 0:46.958

- Start by jumping as high as you can and web zipping forward. You may want to jump so that you land and stick to the side of the water tower. Scurry up to the top to get the marker.
- Do that again, jumping as high as you can and web zipping forward, sticking the smoke stack in front of you. Crawl or jump up depending on how close you are to the top.
- Step off the side of the smoke stack closest to the next marker and when relatively level to the marker web zip to and through it.
- Web swing now and it's mostly luck to not hit any of the beams on the way up. You want to launch yourself up so that you come out above the bridge. Web zip forward and towards the next one. Sometimes you're lucky and happen to fall between beams, other times not so much so and you end up hitting one and falling. Either way once back below the beams web zip forward through the marker.
- Now web zip through the next marker.
- And then again towards the next one, but as you approach it you want to enter a web swing and swing off to the left.
- Web zip if you need to so that you're by the pole swinging marker. If you can land on it, do so, but I was only able to do so once, and it wasn't the time I got gold. So however you get there, grab ahold and begin to swing.
- Web zip back the way you came, if your camera is facing away from this direction you might as well blind web zip in that direction. Keep going until you're close to the marker and swing through it, heading off to your right.
- Web zip some more and repeat the process through the marker, this time swinging off to your left.
- Web zip close to the marker. You could web zip through it, you can slow yourself down to be sure of your aim with a web swing, I personally landed across the street from it and had to run into it on the run I got gold on.
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