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Race 43 [R43]
1:00.000, 1:10.000, 1:20.000, 0:56.474

- To start with run forward and just tap A to jump off the roof. Move yourself forward until you're in position to swing through this first marker and around to the right.
- You should free fall for a moment while you adjust the camera and when you're close enough web swing through the next marker.
- Launch yourself towards the next marker and just free fall for a while as you move closer. You should be able to manuever around the corner of the building and into a web swing.
- Launch yourself up and forward, web zipping to the next roof. You want to land on the roof itself and then run up the wall, holding A so that you can release it inside the marker.
- This jump, if charged, will give you a small window of time to readjust your camera. Once that is done web zip to the next marker and you want to wall run when you can which will probably be right about where the wall run marker is.
- You can probably adjust the camera if you want, but I just blind web zipped off to the left. Sometimes you'll go on the roofs to either side of the alley, just run and drop into the alley. Web swing through and launch yourself up onto the roof to your left.
- From here run forward and up the wall run marker.
- Once towards the top of that roof jump and web zip until you've gone through the next marker, preferedly aiming yourself at the alley with the web swing marker.
- Web swing through this one and using the swing try to get yourself at least enough height to be equal to the next marker.
- Web zip towards this marker and through it, holding back the left stick to slow yourself down.
- It just takes a bit of luck to essentially blind web swing through this next one. Slowing yourself down will hopefully help you with it. Launch yourself towards the next marker.
- Just aim for that alley with the marker and web swing through it.
- Using this web swing launch yourself as high as possible and when you reach the apex web zip into the wall. Thrust yourself up the building with charged jumps until you reach the landing marker.

Race 44 [R44]
1:15.000, 1:28.000, 1:30.000, 1:13.908
Thoughts: This race is similar to Race 32 in that you must make next to no mistakes. I don't think it's as bad as Race 32 was, but it most certainly is a deviation from the not-so-bad races we've been having.

- Start by web zipping, without boost, forward and hold left on the left stick so that Spider-Man ends up landing on the marker.
- One good charged jump over to the next roof lands you inside the next marker.
- Another good jump towards the tower and attach yourself to the orbit marker with the web swing. Swing about until it registers that you've done this marker. If you have to do more than one rotation just restart.
- As per previous orbits you want to try to time your release so it sends you towards the next marker. Web zip along until you're on the roof. Sometimes you can land on the marker, but don't worry about trying to do that as you can just walk up beside the raised roof and trigger it.
- Web zip down the street. You might be able to get away with landing beneath the pole marker and jumping up to it, but exercise everything in your power to land on it. That shaves precious seconds off your time. Swing around the pole.
- Once finished with that web swing in the same direction you were facing and aim to launch yourself high into the air. You need to clear the building to your left. Web zip forward and aim for the roof below the wall jump marker. Now there may be a better way to do this, if there is I haven't found it. I ran up the wall and jumped when I was in the right position. Every time I tried to land in a wall run and go to the jump I would run off to a side. If you can manage to land in a wall run so you can do the jump, go for it.
- Web zip yourself forward. Either two without boosts or one with a boost should bring you towards the landing marker, you may also need a jump to give yourself time to land. And I stress it is vital to land on this marker, you cannot waste time climbing up to it or jumping up to it.
- Next jump into the wall with the wall jump marker. Wait until you're falling to trigger the wall run and then hit A to jump when you're in the marker.
- Now you want to use a web swing to cut through the alley to your left. It's tempting to try to get back up onto the building, but this alley will give you a straight away so that you can easily use a web zip. While flying through the air try to manuever yourself around the corners. You might land on your feet, but if you're quick this doesn't have to cost you gold. Just web swing through the marker and launch yourself forward and with some height.
- Web zip forward through this next marker.
- You want to sail over the building but fall into the alley so that you can web swing through this. It's tempting to try to go through the alley to the right of the building, but this takes longer.
- Swing yourself up to the wall and hit for the wall run. Jump inside the marker to trigger it.
- Try to catch yourself with a web swing so that you go through the marker. Again you might land on your feet, but if you're quick it doesn't have to cost you gold.
- Launch yourself high and begin web zipping forward. At the last building on your right you might want to go into a web swing, which is what I did. It will enable you to control Spider-Man a little bit better in his descent so you can land inside the marker.

Race 45 [R45]
0:35.000, 0:45.000, 0:55.000, 0:34.813

- Run forward and hold B so that you go over the edge into a wall run. Go through the first marker and then jump in that second marker.
- Web zip, without boost, forward and aim to wall run as you hit the building in front of you. Go up through the first marker. You'll probably be slowing down a bit at that point so jump and go back into the wall run. Jump again in the jump marker.
- Now this part could be a pain, perhaps the only real big pain in this one. As you're in the air you have to either blind web zip or adjust the camera and web zip forward and there are certain times Spider-Man can't zip on something or zips on something slightly to the side. If it's just to the side then correct yourself as you fly. If you can't attach to anything restart. Web zip so that you will land between the buildings, you may need a jump. This marker is on a vent so you don't have to land on the vent, but unlike previous times these vents kind of block easy access to just running along side of it so plan accordingly.
- Run up and wall run on the building until you've gone through the marker.
- And then web swing off to your left. Once clear of the buildings web zip forward. You can try to go right into the wall run if you want, it'll save time. When I got gold I had to land first, so that's not a deal breaker. Wall run through it and odds are you'll fall to the alley below, that is not as horrifying as it might seem at first.
- Quickly run up the wall and wall jump as soon as you're inside the marker.
- And then go into a web swing through the next marker, launching yourself high enough to clear the building.
- Web zip forward. Should only take one, and it's not difficult at all to land inside the marker. May need a jump to make that happen, though.

Race 46 [R46]
1:06.000, 1:14.000, 1:20.000, 1:02.962

- Jump off the building and web zip through this first marker.
- Web swing around this building, trying to gain some height for the next one. As you come around the corner of the building web zip through the marker.
- Attach yourself with a web swing to guide yourself in the direction of the next marker and web zip towards it. Just before you get to it web swing and turn towards the next one. If you're lucky and attach in the right place you can swing through this marker, the next one, and land in the one after that.
- If you weren't lucky you'll need to release the web swing and swing through this next one. It isn't a deal breaker if you end up landing beside it, just step through it and continue.
- Web zip without boost to the next marker. You may need to fiddle with the left stick to land inside of it.
- Web zip forward towards the next marker. I found that a web zip with boost followed by a web zip without boost, and a little fiddling with the left stick landed me inside the marker.
- Big charged jump forward and you want to try to land on the building in front of you. It's not horrible if you land just below the top, just crawl up there. Then another big jump into the sky and begin web zipping forward. As you approach this marker you want to go into a web swing.
- And then you want to use that web swing to launch yourself high and forward. You may need a web zip without boost to get yourself closer. It's not too difficult to land on top of it, but if you have to land beneath it and wall crawl up do so.
- Run forward and fall towards the ground. This is the most irritating part of the race simply because it feels like so much time is being wasted. Hold in RT and once Spider-Man can attach to something he will. Swing forward and try to gain some height as you web zip forward. As you approach the street in front of the building turn into a web swing and launch yourself as high as you can. You will probably need to stick to the wall and jump up at some point. Once on the level and by the marker run forward and web swing through.
- Again launch yourself high and web zip yourself forward into the building. Stick onto the building and begin large jumps up the side of the building. Once you're on the roof the marker is on a vent, but again you can just run along the side of it to trigger it.
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