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Race 47 [R47]
0:55.000, 1:03.000, 1:10.000, 0:53.213
Thoughts: The most frustrating thing about this race is just doing everything quick enough. Learning what to do isn't that difficult, it's the doing it part.

- Start by just web zipping without boost forward. You may want to fiddle with the left stick to slow yourself down. As you fall into the alley swing through the marker.
- With this swing take yourself around the corner and launch yourself forward. You want to try to make it to the far end of this alley, and might need a jump to do so. Staying fairly high you then want to swing through the next marker.
- Use this to launch yourself forward and at least to the middle of the next building in terms of height. I found it was helpful to aim Spider-Man at the corner with the loop before attaching. Use the boost as you feel yourself start to slow down to make it over.
- If you can aim well, aim yourself for the alley and use web swing through the marker. That's more difficult than it sounds, however. I aimed myself at the ground and just quickly ran over to jump into a web swing through the marker.
- Use the swing and the boost to launch yourself at the building and into the wall run. Sometimes you'll slow down, sometimes you wont. If you slow down jump and get right back into the wall run until you're through the marker.
- Once on top continue across and hold B to go down the other side of the building. Once you go through the marker let off of all buttons and tap A before going into a web swing out into the streets and towards the next marker.
- Web zip yourself towards the next marker and aim to free fall through the marker while continuing out towards the streets.
- Now blind web zip yourself to the left and towards the first pole swing marker. The time I got gold I did not grab it in mid-air, I had to jump to grab it. Either way grab the pole and swing around, preferably facing the building. Otherwise there's a chance Spider-Man will zip out into the park. Just a note, if you're not at this pole marker by around thirty seconds just restart.
- Once done tap A and zip towards the right (if you're facing the building). Once into the next street blind zip to your left. Again once you're into the next street blind zip to your left, and you might not want to boost on this one. Again I didn't grab the pole in mid-air, I had to jump to get it. Swing around it a couple of times.
- Then web zip down the street a couple times as you aim for the next marker. Spider-Man is real bad about trying to take you off at odd angles during this stretch, but if you can keep it straight enough to get near the marker, I was over the lower roof below the marker when I attached for the loop marker. Again boost when you start to slow down.
- Often the last marker will trigger while you're at the apex. You can try to web zip your way over to the last marker, but you'll be doing it blind and I never got it. I had to swing back down and use that to launch myself into the air. Obviously it is a good idea to land on the marker, but it is a small place to land so if you fail to land in it just try to quickly jump onto it.

Race 48 [R48]
0:48.000, 0:56.000, 1:04.000, 0:47.656
Thoughts: You're in luck if you've been doing these in order and not continuing until you've gotten gold. This one is not difficult at all once you know what you're doing.

- Begin by jumping and then web zipping down the street once. A jump mid-air should carry you to the pole so that you can grab it. If you don't, no big deal. Just jump up. Pump the boost button to spin around.
- Now release all other buttons and pump LT. You'll probably go through this a few times before you find the magic number but once you feel you've built enough speed tap A and begin leaning forward on the left stick. You'll probably need to jump at some point, but you'll make it through the marker.
- On your descent free fall for a bit before web swinging forward through the marker.
- One good web zip and a jump will bring you to the next pole marker. As usual try to grab it, if not jump up and grab it. Spin around once and while holding forward on the left stick tap A and quickly begin tapping to go into the next pole swing.
- Like with the first pole swing you let go of all buttons and keep pumping LT until that marker triggers. Once you've built up enough speed tap A and this time web zip through the marker in the sky towards the building with the wall run marker.
- Be wary of a downward descent, as usual. You want to hit for a wall run as soon as you can and go through this marker.
- On the time I got gold I accidentally ran around the corner before I hit to web zip towards the next one, so that isn't a deal breaker so long as you can web zip quickly. Two non-boosted web zips will take you from that building to the building with the marker. If you land on the upper roof just carefully step off into the landing marker.
- Web zip without boost to the next pole marker. Usual thing--try to land on it, if not jump up quickly.
- After you've gone around web zip forward and arrange it so that you go through the marker. It's tempting to want to swing, but that can cost a little bit of time as you bounce off of everything.
- After that web swing to get some height and web zip forward to the building with the last markers on it. Stick to the wall and if you didn't land in the marker then quickly crawl into it.
- From there just do big jumps all the way up the building until you get to the final marker.

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Ending & Credits [END]

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

My apologies for this requiring so many posts.
Okay, so. It took me roughly fifteen days to get all of these races. And again I really don't feel I'm all that great of a gamer so if I can do this, you most certainly can do this.

Credits and big thank you's to:
Me for the vast majority of this.
Scratch W for the Web Swing Engine and Markers/Checkpoints sections.
BUGAJ75 for the tip I took from him on

And just a general acknowledgment to people on both and whose posts I read and gave me some idea when I was stuck. I unfortunately neglected to gather your names. Unsung heroes, you are.

Odds are I have nothing more I can say to help you with this game. But if you notice a mistake or feel you have something to add feel free to e-mail me at Clockmankot89 at and I'll probably add it to its own section. It takes me a few days to check my e-mail so be patient.

Finally this is not to be distributed to other websites. There are only three web sites I am posting this on in some form or,, and

That said, I hope you found this guide helpful. Maybe one day I'll have a video capturing device and I'll take the time to go through again and capture it all on video and update this.
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