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Sequence 3

Mission 1: Unconvinced
  1. Health limit lose - 50%
  2. Use breakable objects during the fight (2)

The first objective covers two sets of fights. First are the wolves. You can either shoot them, which is the best option or wait for them to attack and then deal with the QTE's that pop up on screen. Once you've killed the first few, search for the mysterious and then simply keep running after her. If any other wolves attack, either deal with them with the methods mentioned or keep running away from them.

The second is the tavern fight later on and also combines the second objective. When the fight begins, make sure your fists are set as your weapon. You'll now need to circle around the tavern until you see the white webs around the tables. Get close to one and when one of the guards attacks, counter him and Haytham should use the object in the counter. Do this one more time to complete the objective.

Mission 2: Execution is Everything
  1. Do not kill any guards
  2. Sabotage cannons (2)

This mission can be a little tricky due to the fact you can't kill any of the guards. This means you're going to have to be fast and efficient when going through the area and going from one stealth spot to another. If things do get too close for comfort, you CAN knock out a guard with your fists attached. This knocks them out and does not count as a kill. Feel free to use smoke bombs as well.

At the start of the mission, go down the hill and jump into the back of the carriage. This will take you right into the area you need to be without being spotted.

Your best bet now is to follow the video if you're having some issues. So, jump out of the carriage and head up onto the east building beside you. From here you can eavesdrop on the guards without having to avoid being detected.

Now for the cannons. One is a little south of your position, while the other is a little further into the town but still south on the map. The first shouldn't bee to hard to reach and sabotage in time. Just like all stealth games, the NPC's have a set route unless you disturb it. So watch where they go and move when their backs are turned.

Mission 3: The Braddock Expedition
  1. Kill Militia without triggering open conflict (2)
  2. Destroy powder carts

There's a few guards in this small area that you're going to have to kill via a stealth assassination to pass the first objective. Only 2 need to be killed by this method, so take your time and pick them off. There's plenty of hiding spots, so circle the restricted area and learn the NPCs movements. Once you've killed the first 2, you can then, if you feel like it, go full out on the rest.

During the second part of the mission you'll be on horseback and chasing after Braddock. All you need to do is follow him and you'll pass each powder cart along the route you take. When close to one, press to shoot your gun and blow it up. Remember to reload in time for when the next one pops up.


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