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Sequence 4

Mission 1: Hide and Seek
  1. Find all the children without making a mistake
  2. Find all the children within the given time (4:00 Minutes)

For this mission, you're given 4 minutes to find all the children. Your task of not making a mistake means you need to find all the clues as you search for them. The clues are pointed out to you via a white magnifying glass on the floor and most as close to each other in a line. If you're having trouble finding one, use your Eagle Vision.

Mission 2: Feathers and Trees
  1. Do not touch the ground or water
  2. Collect three feathers

Not touching the floor is a simply task during this mission. After the river cutscene, just make sure you take the right hand side route. The path is laid out for you and touching the rocks before the river is perfectly fine.

Now onto the feathers. Start off by picking up the first two feathers that are shown on your mini map as they're quite close to each other. Now head towards your yellow mission marker. Along the way, you should see another feather icon pop up on the map. Simply climb the tree and grab the 3rd and final one.

If you're having issues finding any more feathers in the area, look for the view point and climb to the top and synchronise the area. Doing so, will show all the feathers in the surrounding area.

Mission 3: Hunting Lessons
  1. Combine bait and snare to catch an animal (3)
  2. Hunt more than one type of animal
  3. Air assassinate animals (2)

For this mission, you'll need to bring back a total of 5 pieces of meat. Through all the objectives, just make sure you kill 3 different types of animals. It doesn't matter what objective you do this by, just make sure they're not all are the same. Three you can go for are - Dear, fox & rabbit.

Snaring an animal is pretty simply. Combine your bait and snare via the D-Pad and then place it down. Animals of all sorts will flock to it. It comes down to a 'first come, first served' basis. So wait for one to get snared and then collect the meat.

The air assassinations can be a little more tricky, as find animal in the right spot maybe a little tedious. You best bet is to keep up high in the trees and simply free-run around the area looking for easy targets.

Mission 4: Something to Remember
  1. Avoid mid-air collisions

Quite a tricky objective this one. You'll need to go through this flying section without hitting any of the tree or cliffs and anything else that pops up in your way. There's no real tactic to this, other than skill and luck. If you fail and hit two things, then restart the checkpoint.


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