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Sequence 5

Mission 1: A Boorish Man
  1. Limit health loss - 50%

Same as all the other health related one's. Just parry/counter attacks and you should be fine.

Mission 2: A Trip to Boston
  1. Escape within the given time

Right at the end of the mission, you'll be given 1:18 to escape the area. This is more than enough time. Simply run in any direction, keeping to the rooftops if possible and get outside of the red zone. Remember to hide yourself in some hay or the water for it to count. Your best bet is to stick with the your starting direction - North / north-east.

Mission 3: Boston's Most Wanted
  1. Do not raise your notoriety to level 3

I'd suggest you keep to some of the rooftops near by and watch the patterns of the guards before you make any moves in taking down the wanted posters. If you do get into some conflict, which you want to try and avoid, try and dispatch the attacking guards as soon as possible.

This will help in escaping and calming down your notoriety as well as anymore guards spotting the fight.

Mission 6: River Rescue
  1. Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry

This objective is pretty straight forward but can cause a few restarts if you're not fast enough. Even though the video below shows the method of taking the left route, I found it easier to keep to the right and jump across/around the river. This was due to encountering two wolves on the left which hindered my speed and keeping up with terry.

Find the route that suits you, but the last part is all the same and this is where speed comes into play. You'll reach a hanging tree with 4 branches pointing out which you'll need to jump across. While doing this, you should be parallel with Terry and the log he is hanging on.

In most cases, you'll have to get to the 4th one to be level with him and more into a position to jump onto his log rather than jumping into the water. If he gets too far ahead, you'll dive right into the water and fail. You need to get to the furthest branch and then press + to launch yourself onto his log to save him.

Mission 8: The Hard Way
  1. Don't take any damage
  2. Use swivel guns to destroy ships (2)
  3. Successfully brace when attacked (3)

For the first objective, I'd recommend you stay at half-sail for most of it. This way you'll have a lot more control over the ship. Make sure you keep away from the rocks on the side. Even getting too close the rocks that are hidden underwater will damage the boat. So try and keep the ship at a fair distance. Remember to also use your mini-map as a guide, as it shows you the rock markers as you're sailing.

The 2nd/3rd you can either choose to do during the first sea battle again the 3 smaller ships or leave the 3d on for the last battle against the bigger English frigate. Smaller ships will fall to your swivel guns, so after the gun training, this is where you'll have to use them.

Simply aim and for the cursor to go red and fire. Destroy 2 of the 3 ships this way and it'll be complete. For bracing against attacks, you can either do this again the first lot or the frigate. All you need to do is watch out for when the enemy ship is going to fire by the highlighted beam coming out from it.

Once it turns red or is close to, press to have the whole crew brace and cuk from the attack. Do this 2 more times to complete the objective.


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