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Sequence 6

Mission 1: On Johnson's Trial
  1. Stay below notoriety level 2
  2. Limit firearm use (4)
  3. Use powder kegs to destroy smuggle cargo

Keeping your notoriety down shouldn't be too hard. The trick is to use your fists if you worried about breaching past level 2. This way you won't be killing people. This part of the objective only relates to the tax collectors.

For the 2nd objective, you'll be tasked with not using any firearms. During this time though, you'll need to destroy 3 powder kegs and this classes as using 3 of your 4 up. So this means, you do not want to fire any weapons from when the objective is shown other than blowing up the cargo.

Now onto the cargo. Around the surrounding area will be some kegs you'll need to pick up and take to the cargo spots. Now you've completed objective one, you're free to kill any guards and not worry about your notoriety. Just remember to not shoot any firearms.

Now simply run around the area grabbing the kegs and taking out the cargo. Place them down next to the cargo and shoot each one to destroy them.

Mission 2: The Angry Chef
  1. Limit time spent in open conflict (15 Seconds)
  2. Limit Chapheau's health to 50%
  3. Perform five low-profile assassinations

All 3 of these objectives will become active as you start to escort Chapheau. Along the walk, you'll encounter a few guards which you'll need to depose of. The trick here is to kill them without any alerting anyone so you can complete the low-profile assassination objective. The good thing is, Chapheau is a nice distraction, so use this to your advantage. Also, remember that any open conflict fights will countdown the 15 seconds you get, so try and do all kills low profile if possible. The timer will only reset once you reach a checkpoint.

As shown in the video, the first two guards are easy to kill without causing any open conflict. While the front one of the two turns his back, kill the other one and then the first. When you reach the second group of guys, you can't low-profile kill them due to the crowd of people surrounding them. Simply blend into the crowd and kill each guard one-by-one.

When you reach the third set of guards, repeat what you did for the first. For the forth, you're going to have to go into open conflict. If fast enough though, you can get a double assassination and hopefully another. But if not, remember to counter then sequential kill the remaining guards before the 15 seconds are up.

Then next set of guards walking down the street shouldn't be too hard to kill. You should be able to low-profile one of them (reaching the target of 5), while quickly killing the other. Head down the alleyway and repeat the process you used in for the first/third set. If you haven't reach the target of 5 LP kills now, you should here as these are the last lot of guards before the missions end.

Mission 3: The Tea Party
  1. Dump crates of tea in the water (10)
  2. Throw redcoats in the water (3)
  3. Perform musket air assassination

These objective will become active during the second part of the mission. As soon as it starts, you'll have more than enough crates around you to complete the first objective. Once you've that, the 'Redcoat' guards will attack.

First you'll need a musket. You can either grab one from the many on the ship or grab one for a dead body. For the air assassination, you can either follow the tactic the video shows, but it can be a little temperamental or you can climb the crates no the ship and attempt one off them. If you climb any higher up the gallows, Connor will drop the firearm.

Next up you'll need to throw 3 guards into the water. Head off the side of the ship and perch yourself near the edge of the side-walk. Press to counter one of their attacks and follow this up with again to throw them over the edge. Just make sure you're aiming the stick in the right direction.

Mission 4: Hostile Negotiations
  1. Reach Johnson undetected
  2. Limit native American casualties (1)
  3. Perform a swan dive to escape

The objective can be a bit tricky. There's a few of things you don't want to do;

1: Don't use any weapons. Trying to kill someone with your gun will alert nearby guards and trying to kill any with your bow will also cause you to get detected as it takes 2 bows to kill them. Same goes for your rope darts.
2: Don't run straight to the marker. There's a few sneaky hidden guards about, so you'll only get spotted.
3: Tale your time. There's no time limit, so scout the area checking each spot and work from cover to cover.

The video below, shows a good tactic on general direction to take. Once you've crossed the river, keep to the left edge of the red bubble. Once you reach the little barn, climb the cliff edge which is right in front of you. Once at the top, take cover and look to your right (north). You should see a broken tree you can climb. Climb this and free-run from branch to branch, until you reach the house on the cliff. Watching out for the moving guards around the area, head to the marker for a cutscene and you'l complete this objective.

The last two objectives are quite simply. After the cutscene, run up the ladder which is against the tree and free-run your away across the to houses roof. Once there, walk to the edge and air assassinate Johnson. If your'e fast enough, this will complete the second objective.

The swan dive can only be done at a certain point. As soon as you have control of Connor again, fight a few guards until it's just you and them left. Now run east to the cliff edge. You may have to make a big jump here, so be warned. Once you, you should see a long branch pointing out over the cliffs edge. Run along this and jump off the edge to swan dive an complete the last objective.


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