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Sequence 7

Mission 1: The Midnight Ride
  1. Do not trigger open conflict
  2. Reach Prescott's location within the given time (2:00 Minutes)

The first objective is pretty simply. Keep pressing when needed to get directions from Revere’s directions. If at any point you see a group of guards, just hold back and let them pass.

Once you have Prescott's location, you'll now have 2 minutes to reach it. Once you have control again of Connor and the horse, your best bet is to get out of the alert zone - yellow bubble. Doing so will make things a little easier. Once done, simply head to the marker, keeping to the roads. Once you reach the markers general area, Revere’s will need to give you further instructions to the precise location. Follow his instructions and and you should come to a small house in the hills where Prescott is situated.

Mission 2: Lexington and Concord
  1. Rescue civilian hostages (1)
  2. Kill groups of regulars with a single order (7)

At the start of this mission you'll be given 3:00 minutes to reach Concord. On the journey towards it, the first optional quest will pop up as you hit a fork in the road. Take the left route towards the new marker. The guards you need to kill are literally a down the road a little. Reach them at the bridge and kill them to complete this objective, then follow the yellow marker again.

The second objective is unmissable. You'll be tasked with giving set allies orders on when to shoot at the advancing enemy. Simply run from group to group giving the orders at the right time and they should kill the troops. Each group you take down adds to the counter.

Mission 3: Conflict Looms
  1. Cross Charlestown without taking damage
  2. Assassinate the Grenadier
  3. Remain undetected while on ships

Note: I recommend you have at least 5 arrows and 3/4 poison darts on you for this mission. Be warned, that if you fail, you need to do both ships again. I'd suggest you follow my steps below instead of the videos, as it's a lot longer and requires so much equipment.

The starting objective shouldn't cause you any trouble. Just keep hold of and run down the streets that open up to you. You'll then need to run through some alleys and from there, simply jump into the water.

Now for the objectives that everyone is finding hard. Personally, I did this in two goes, so below is the best tactic. When facing the ships, head to the one on the right first. Swim around it, so that when you climb up, 1; most of the guards have their backs to you and 2; you're holding onto the second open type ledge (barrels you need to explode are directly in front of you).

The only thing you need to worry about here are the two moving guards. One is patrolling the deck, while the other is to the far left. The only way to do this is to wait until both guards have stopped and are next to each other on the left. So this may take some waiting until their timings match. Once they are, they'll move apart at a similar time, wait until the deck guard moves past you and then make your move.

Quickly jump up, run to the barrels and press . Now turn the camera and jump back off the ship the way you came on. If done fast enough, no one will notice you. One guard may get a slight red triangle, but he shouldn't come alerted.

Now head to the second ship and place yourself in the same spot as the last. There's a couple of things you need to do now. The first is you're going to need to kill the normal rifleman first with a ledge kill. First look to your right and make sure the guard there isn't looking. Then to the left and the guard at the other end is facing away. Lastly, make sure the Grenadier is not near (kilt wearing NPC). If all is clear, make or kill. Now move along to the right set of ropes going up. Wait until the Grenadier and the rifleman near aren't looking and when clear, start to climb up to the first platform.

Once done it's easy from here. Jump over to the middle platform, then look back at the guard near the where you just came from. Get into a position and kill him with your bow. It'll take 2 shots, but he won't notice you. Now jump to the other platform at the end of the ship and get into a position where you can aim at all 3 guards here. Simply aim and kill them all with a poison dart.

Wait until they've all dropped and by this time then Grenadier should be near investigating the bodies. Now's you chance to air assassinate him. Lock on and hit and you're done!

Mission 4: Battle of Bunker Hill
  1. Cross the battlefield without taking damage
  2. Limit regular kills (4)
  3. Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

The first objective is personally a lot easier than it is made out to be. Get to the first cover in front of you. Now the easy part is to only move AFTER the massive group of guards on the hills have shot. If you see little shots going off once and while, stay in cover. Simply wait until the whole group has fired, then sprint to the next cover.

For the second objective, you can kill as many Grenadiers or Officers as you like. A good tactic if you do come into a fight with the guards in the camp is to use your fists. It'll save you the worry of constantly looking out for them during the fights. The video below, shows a nice route to take once you enter the camp.

Hang to the left and out of the alerted red circle. Keep to the small bushes for cover and take out the first guard circling the tents. Keep following it around and do the same to the Officer outside of the circle. Keep working your way around until you reach the fallen tree you can climb. Head up onto it and walk out onto the branch that is pretty much hanging over Pitcairn. Now stay there and watch the guards movements. Wait until the area is clear, and then make your move by air assassinating Pitcairn.


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