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Sequence 8

Mission 1: Something on the Side
  1. Perform a successful static eavesdrop
  2. Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
  3. Do not tackle or shove anyone

The static eavesdrop shouldn't cause you any issues. As you follow the counterfeiter to his first stop, there should be a small building you can climb up onto. Climb the ladder up to it and take a position behind the barrels. Feel free to jump across to the tree's branch for a better look.

For the mobile eavesdrop you can take the low or the right route. Taking the low route will be a little more trickier as you'll need to keep to the corners of the buildings and look out for groups of people to keep blended in. If you take to the roofs, you'll be out of sight for the majority of the trip.

The only part you'll need to drop down is when the two targets go under the bridge. When the third objective comes into play, you'll need to chase Hickey. If you follow the route he takes, you're bound to hit into another NPC as he goes straight into the busy streets.

So when Hickey takes off, he'll head down one of the alleyways. When he splits off to the right, don't follow him. Keep to the alley, and take the last right back onto the streets. Cross the street and go under the bricked archway. Run straight, and take your next left which is still under the bricked structure. Once you exit, you should be right next to Hickey or just ahead of him. Follow the street ahead of you and keep to the buildings side and he'll head up the next alley way. Around this area should be the time you tackle him.

Mission 2: Bridewell Prison
  1. Limit prison guard deaths (2)
  2. Reach Hickey within the given time (2:00 Minutes)

These objective come into play when searching for Hickey. Before this, you should not be having any issues with the guards. When you reach the new cell block where Hickey is held, follow the guard ahead of you up the stairs. He'll stop at the top near a cell, then he'll back-up on himself and head across to the other side. Once he's moved, head up the other set of stairs to your left.

Stay about half way up these, and another guard will walk past. Once clear, get to the top and loop around to the right. Now sprint to Hickeys door and the other guard on the middle walkway shouldn't see you by the time you get there. If he does, run back into one of the cells and wait for him. When he's close, do a corner assassination.

Mission 3: Public Execution
  1. Kill enemy Militia (2)
  2. Washington bodyguards must survive

These take place at the end of all the cutscenes. When you have control of Connor again, run to the left side. Here will be your first Militia. You should be able to an instant assassination on him. Once killed, keep to the left again and up ahead just next to where the crowd break before you hit the stairs where Washington is, you'll see your second Militia.

Keep sprinting and again, assassinate him. By the time you do this and if done fast enough, Hickey should be just behind or beside you. If so, run up to him and kill him before he reaches the bodyguards.


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