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Sequence 9

Mission 1: Missing Supplies
  1. Catch the cart driver within the given time (0:30 Seconds)
  2. Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy
  3. Kill camp guards without being detected (3)

The first objective is as easy as they come. You can have 10 seconds on the clock and still tackle him in time! The second objective requires you not to use the hay cart. This task, like the last, is pretty easy. Enter the eavesdrop zone and then head to the rocks to the left of the cart. Use them to reach the trees and branches above.

Simply free-run through the trees until you come to the end of this section and the game loads you magically into the camp and into the hay cart. This is when the 3rd objective will pop up.

Exit the hay to your right and land in the bushes. Now stay in the eavesdrop circle and follow the two NPCs to the first shed where one goes inside. When this happens, quickly go inside and kill the single guard and then proceed to follow the other two.

They'll soon stop next to some stacked crates and leaning up against these is another guard. Wait until the two talking move, then corner assassinate the lone one. Now follow the moving guards but keep to the right. Head behind the cart and right next to it is another guard near a bonfire. Kill him and this will be your third kill. Just make sure you get to him quickly though, otherwise a cutscene will take place and you'll miss the kill.

If by chance you do miss the kill, there is a guard at the start you might be able to kill next to the hay you're in. Though it's a little tricky as he doesn't move sometimes and you need to keep up with the two that are eavesdropping.

Mission 2: Father and Son
  1. Steal the Mercenary uniform without being detected

Quite an easy objective, but you may have to wait for the perfect timing. Head to the target and walk east, away from the hay cart. You should be along side a building and some stacked up crates/wooden wall. Simply wait here until the target walks up to you and turns his back. If the coast is clear and there are not guards or immediate PCs near, kill him and the loot the uniform

Mission 3: The Foam and The Flames
  1. Limit Haythams damage (50%)
  2. Do not take any fire damage

The first objective shouldn't be too hard. Stick to countering and combo killing and Haytham shouldn't lose more than a quarter health. The second objective again is pretty straight forward.

You'll have a set path to take as the building falls apart, so you shouldn't have any troubles dodging the flames. Just take the corners and certain spots carefully, so that you don't turn too much and end up into one.

Mission 4: The Biter End
  1. Limit environmental damage (20%)
  2. Stay within distance of the Schooner (500)
  3. Achieve a minimum 3 kill streak

Take the first objective like the one you had to do for the first ship mission. Use your mini map as a guide and only go half sail. Still during the first objective, the second will pop up once you find the ship. Keeping withing 500m is more than enough. During the start of the chase, go past the right side of the first rock to cut the distance down. At the second, take either side.

When in a clearing, go full sail but if you hit a rogue wind, knock it down to half. You should be at around 320m-350m for most of the chase. Once the ship goes through a gap in the rocks yours can't pass, this is when the objectives will be complete.

The third takes place when you board the ship. This can be a little tricky and may take some time. First thing you don't want to do is go for the officers. They will counter you and break your combo. First ting you need to do is to run around the deck and check each fight that is going on. You're trying to kill the guys in red.

In most cases, its a one vs one fight. If it is, kill the sailor. Keep doing this, and after a while, you'll end up with a bunch of guys all fighting in one big group. At the time I did it, I had 4 fighting my guys near the first officer. Once you've got a few bunched up, make your combo. This is also made a little easier as the red sailors, shouldn't attack you, so your combo shouldn't be broken when going from one to the other.


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