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Sequence 10

Mission 1: Alternate Methods
  1. Use guards as human shields (2)
  2. Tackle the target from above

The first objective will happen when you face the massive group of guards near the start. When you jump down off the building, the firing line will be a little further up from the main fight (Marked by yellow icons). Wait for them to aim, and press to grab one of the guards as a shield. Just make sure you do not advance on them, otherwise they will break the line and go in for standard attacks. Just try and do this in the first two sets of firing from them, otherwise you'll have to kill a few guards off as Haytham will most likely die.

The second objective will take place after the fight. For this to to succeed, you'll need to get to some slight higher ground and then press while over the target. At the start, I'd simply stay with the target. You'll first run through an alley and some back gardens. Once you exit back onto the street, some guards will block your way and you'll have to turn right.

Running past the blockade, keep up with the target, and he'll start to slow down. This is where you can causally tackle him on the a ground level. If you leave him, he'll turn left down another alley, but this time there will be a set of stairs to your left. Quickly run up these, jump onto the ledge of it and then press . The target should be close enough for you to tackle him.

Mission 2: Broken Trust
  1. Do not touch the ground
  2. Stop the patriot messengers within the time limit (3:00 Minutes)
  3. Stop the Kanie'keha:ka with non-lethal methods (6)

First thing you'll need to make sure you have some gun ammo for the start of this mission. Once you have that, the first two objectives can be completed. For the first one, simply stay on the horse and do not dismount. As you follow the path shown to you, this is where your gun comes into play.

When you find one of the messengers, don't dismount, but use your gun to kill him. Once dead, follow the route and find the next one. 3:00 minutes is more than enough time to kill them all. Some you can you'll be able to assassinate from one horse to another. So when possible, do this. There's a total of 4 messengers you'll have to kill.

For the third objective, you'll have a total of 6 Kanie'keha:ka guys to take out. First off make sure that your fists are equip. The best and obvious was to do this is to work from the closest up to the last guy in the cliffs to the right. The quickest method is to sprint and when you get in close, hold down . This will then do the instant takedown. This way you won't have to worry about any hand-to-hand combat.

Mission 3: Battle of Monmouth
  1. Neutralise platoons with a single cannon (8)
  2. Neutralise two platoons with a single cannon
  3. Prevent patriots executions (3)

The first two objectives should come naturally as you fight off the waves of guards. For the first, just keep aiming the cannons reticle into the centre of the advancing guards and the explosion should take them all out in one hit. To take out two sets in one go for the second objective, your best bet is to wait until they bunch up.

The tactic is to aim the reticle right to the back of the battle field where the guards are coming over the hill. At this point they haven't started to spread out. So take your chance when you can and first a cannonball over to this spot to have a higher chance of taking two groups out.

After the fighting with the cannon, you'll then be given 3:00 minutes to stop the executions of your fellow guards. This objective isn't hard at all. All the locations of where the executions are taking place are marked out to you. Simply get there as fast as you can and interrupt the procedure to have it count towards the three.


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