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Sequence 11

Tyger7 Edit: Nozza, you can just change this into your own words/methods when you want. I have completed them but am just writing from memory and am not giving any real solid route.

Mission 1: Battle of the Chesapeake
  1. Destroy ships using only one broadside (3)
  2. Destroy frigates by firing on their powder stores (2)
  3. Counter kill enemies (5)

To destroy a ship using only one broadside, you must pretty much be very upgraded. Use the fire based attacks to help or just make sure every cannon ball is hitting the ship by being perfectly in line with it.

Destroying a frigate with a powder store can be somewhat difficult because you have to have some cannon balls hitting one of the ends on either side. Also the ship cannot be destroyed in this attack. You can then target a "weak spot" which is the powder stores with your guns. make sure the target is red, then finish it off.

Countering enemies should be natural by now. Just go ahead and wait until they attack. This should be very easy or you.

Mission 2: Lee's Last Stand
  1. Reach the signal tower within the given time - 3:00
  2. Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire
  3. Limit health loss - 50%
Getting to the signal tower is pretty easy, remaining undetected can be pretty tough. You will have to avoid all enemies so stick to the roofs and be very quick while staying away from the enemies up there. Once you get to the signal fire tower, it is almost best to wait until everyone is turned, then make a rush to climb up the tower and hope no one completely notices you.

Limiting health loss is, of course, the easy objective here. Should come naturally.


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