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I have 1k'ed this awhile ago and haven't been playing.

The reason for taking a single sniper on Lonewolf. Because they are simply the best class to take, unless you expect to save load with a Heavy's rockets upon knowing where the enemy is.

Sniper with battle scanner is simple. Advance slowly upon hearing where enemy movement is you have an idea where to throw you Scanner. With Squadsight it can be used at that distance and with the Scanner. As you make the kill, this attracts alien movement. With In the Zone you can often kill the entire alien group. Or Reload first with your kill then place on Overwatch. Overwatch prior and you have to move. Squadsight works in your favour here aswell, and with Opportunist it is another kill as they have to advance to your position. Snipers also have full cover. It was so freaking easy with the Sniper and the abilites listed on Impossible.

You can easily with the tactic of coverage over your entire geoscape, without going to the alien base. You can have plasma sniper rifles researched. The only aliens that can cause a problem would be a Berserker, because they take a few shots to put down. These are rare in small UFO's but can be at this game stage. You will only get the Overseer shard aliens. Everything is a oneshot kill

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