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Haha it's funny first but after a while it gets annoying. With so many people having issues with the music I don't even understand how they didn't run into this issue before releasing the game. It's not like PC where so many soundcard in so many configuration might really give some unexpected issues. The console platform is quite uniform and even though this problem shows up how comes they didn't fix it yet?

Also, I forgot to mention the subpar matchmaking. Many people bought the Crysis2+Forza3+Xbox bundle, so there are some newcomers. When three of them facing 4 level 50 semi-god (prestiged multiple times, of course) then it's just a massacre.

OT: I started up the game recently to try and get the 6 month cheevo, and actually I had to wait longer to get into games. So I guess, it is really close to being dead. (except those clan fellas, who seeming to enjoy this game way beyond my understanding)
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