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Originally Posted by CyberPunch83 View Post
Maybe BioWare knew there was no way in hell they could live up to the expectations the fans set for themselves and they wanted to show it.
i have wondered this as well. though i think that it falls more on the players expectations then it does on bioware. it is their story after all. i think the personal nature of the game, mainly the save import and the level of impact certain decisions have on the story resulted in something unprecedented. regardless of the players having these choices, the narrative was always going in a certain direction regardless. the level of involvement the players had in comparison to those that actually created the story is miniscule at best. the way i see it is its not your story or my story or anyone elses. its theirs and we chose to experience it. just like with any other fictional story be it movie, video game, tv series, book, etc. i think people should stop pretending that because of the choices they made that they had anything to do with the stories creation. its a slightly personal gameplay feature at best. albeit unique and new to video games. im not saying anyone has to like what the story is, but this is what it is. if we complained to the creators of everything we didnt like at the level that some of these "fans" did then it will become pointless for anyone to create a fictional story outside of because they want it. the point of creating things like this is to put it out there so people can experience it regardless of what others may think. thats what art it. the only difference in this case is that while it is art, it is also a video game. it is also a product. so the real question is where is the line drawn? several claims to groups like the FTC and the BBB were made and they found nothing nothing to be fraudulent about the game. sure some choices didnt matter as much as we wanted them to but if you want to be realistic about it, thats life. you could be stressing over a decision that in the long run means nothing. the journey varied and i felt like for the most part that i got to make decisions that reflected what i would do in that situation. they didnt always turn out the way i thought, but again thats life. in the end the story went in a direction that showed us that things werent what they seemed when it came to the reapers and i dont see anything wrong with that. id rather have something like that and be left with a moral choice than to just stop the bad guys because they are "the bad guys" and then move on to the next game. thats what separated this series from all other games for me. the choices you do get to make can be intense, regardless of whether or not they mattered. this game basically allows you to be racist, selfish, compassinate, tolerant, intolerant, etc when it comes to others. its about the relations between varying species and cultures and it even comes to different forms of life because of the organic/synthetic conflict. to me this is much better than just stop evil machines that evil just because. i never understood why so many people automatically assumed that. when i really think about it, itmakes no real sense for machines to be evil.

in the long run i think the only thing that will suffer from this GROSS overreaction to the ending is the future of the mass effect universe. thanks to the "fans" for that.
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