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Magna cum Laude 20
Have a Trainee reach the Assassin Rank.

You will automatically get your first assassin as you play the game trying to liberate the various parts of the cities. More will join you as you liberate the various districts. To level up an assassin, hold and press on any of the available actions (for contracts). Choose the various contracts and send off your assassin on the missions that seem to be easy enough to complete. If failed, you will have to wait for the assassin to recover. Get enough experience points to gain the final rank (1100XP). There are a total of 84 missions.

Coureur des Bois 10
Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general stores.

To get an undamaged pelt, you must kill an enemy while your "fist" icon in your weapons is active. This usually involves punching the animal if you are running around carelessly spamming the button. You then trade the pelts that are in perfect condition as indicated by the description. You must sell at least 1 of any animal pelt to every general store. There are a total of 3 stores in each area (3 stores, 3 areas, 9 total). You have to get close enough to the door for it to show up on your map. Use the below list to check the stores you have sold perfect pelts too. There is no other way to see which store you sold one too. It is up to you to keep track of this.

Boston Stores
  1. Hancock's Store No. 5
  2. Elizabeth Murray's Fineries
  3. Child's Still House of Dry Goods

New York Stores

  1. Rhinelander's Sugars
  2. De Lancey's Imports & Goods
  3. Van Brugh's Spices

Frontier Stores
  1. The Walking Haberdashery
  2. The Milliner's Wares
  3. Murdoch's Barter

Eye Witness 10
Witness a predator killing an enemy.

The animals that can kill enemies are: Bears, bobcats, cougars, and wolves. It has been reported that a fox or an elk can also kill an enemy for you to gain the achievement.

There are scripted events in the Frontier area where one of these animals kills an enemy. They have somewhat fixed locations. Go to the Packanack hunting zone on the western part of the map for the best luck. Try to find the restricted area (highlighted in red). Go up a hill to the west and you will encounter several bobcats, as well as two hunters. You may not be in open conflict with any of the hunters or animals or they will not attack each other. If this happens, run away. Sometimes a group of enemies are walking on a trail and you can attack them and run to an area high in "predator" animals. Run off and then circle back to follow them and you could have a chance to see them come in contact with an animal

Fin 30
Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after the credits roll.

Once you have finished all sequences and the credits roll, you will be back in the game. There are now new "main missions" that appear which are the epilogue missions. After completing them, you will gain the achievement and will be able to continue on finishing whatever is left for your DNA tracker. All it really is is traveling to the main missions points, no actual objectives are involved.

Multiplayer Achievements

Abstergo Entertainment 10
Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode.

Battle your way through multiplayer mode in order to gain the level 20. Play team based games or go solo, whatever you are best at and are getting the most points in. If you hate multiplayer or want to save time, you can use the achievement trading thread to try and match up with people to "boost". If you are frustrated with multiplayer, you can play Wolfpack mode to gain experience playing by yourself or with other people.

Post in THIS THREAD to find people.

Hunter/Killer 20
Reach sequence 10 in a map on Wolfpack multiplayer mode.

Wolfpack is more like a co-op mode. You work together with people to take down enemies. There are a total of 25 sequences you can complete in this mode, but you will only have to reach the 10th for the achievement. This is actually extremely easy to do if you just keep assassinating enemies quickly and grabbing the "time assassinations" when possible. It works well if there are 2 people in the game to perform double assassinations for more points. You can easily get this achievement in under 10 minutes. If you want to find people to help out, you can post in the achievement trading thread.

Note: This mode can be done offline in "limited mode". You can still gain this achievement by yourself even if you don't have an internet connection.

Post in THIS THREAD to find people.

Winning Team 20
Be on the winning team at the end of a multiplayer game session.

This is a team game type based achievement, and you just have to be on the winning team or even a "draw" which still counts (fairly common in artifact mode). You may boost this even in a private session with other players if you want. To do so, just visit the achievement trading thread below.

Post in THIS THREAD to find people.

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